10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

It’s that time of the year again where we all want to get fit for the warmer season. Today, I’m going to share 10 easy but effective ways to help you shed those extra pounds.

I’m pleasantly surprised people are already noticing my weight loss. A lot of you have been requesting me to share how I’m shedding my pounds so the video will pretty much reveal everything I’m doing. You would be surprised how the little changes in your lifestyle could make that much of a difference.

I can understand healthy eating can be tricky when you’ve got a busy lifestyle. Perhaps you’ve got yourself in a habit where you’re used to eating out constantly. Processed foods just seem to be the convenient choice.

How many of you complain about your body constantly yet you snack on numerous amounts of unhealthy fatty sugary foods?

I’ve gotten myself into a habit of taking time to prepare my meals in advance. Instead of always feeling sluggish and bloated, I feel great!!!

My friend Cassey (Blogilates) tells me that your body is 80% diet, 10% exercise and 10% genetics. What you consume into your body plays a MASSIVE role to how you look and feel.

Exercise is very important too. Not just to tone the body but also for a healthy heart and mind.

14 thoughts on “10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

  • Ariannah Duran


    Would you be able to get a thigh gap from these ways?

  • StrawberryFaithx3


    My mom doesn’t even let me drink frizzy drinks…xD

  • Susan Brown


    I love these 10 ways to lose weight! In my case, I’m already satisfied
    taking Garcinia Cambogia extract. It’s the most safe and effective natural
    weight loss supplement ever discovered. It’s so amazing guys! I also bought
    it from Rush Nutrition!

  • Heather O Sullivan


    I love how I’m watching this while eating chocolate……

  • Iliana Fearless


    You’re so pretty! I used to love drinking coke. I just couldn’t have my
    lunch without a glass of coke but now I almost hate it. I drink water and
    everyone’s like “Ew just water?” but it makes me feel great so let them all

  • Spancify


    You’re pretty :)

  • Flamedog88


    Can it help if you boxing

  • Sameena Rani


    thank you for this video

  • Super Grape


    I drink soda every once in a while, like once every 2 or 3 weeks. Is that

  • Kitty Kat


    I’ve been trying this for about a Monty ago and already lost 7 pounds! I
    weigh 180 pounds, and now I weigh 173! I’m going to do this all summer and
    see how or goes!:) thank you!!!

  • Melanie Gibson


    This is great! If I don’t have time to do some workouts, I take Garcinia
    Cambogia weight loss supplement. It’s so effective that I don’t have to
    visit the gym. I’m so satisfied. I bought it from Rush Nutrition too!



    I have 1 not 10 just 1 easy way to lose weight and I can guarantee anyone
    who try’s my method will see results almost immediately.. How? It’s called
    science. Just watch my last video and no this is not spam 

  • KiryChanzz


    This background music… Are you a fan of Big Bang 😮 :D??
    I thought that it was very similar to Blue at the start and now the music
    reminds me of Monster!! 😮 I can’t even concentrate on the things you’re
    saying :’D
    Did I just listen to Big Bang too much?

  • Azrael Angel


    +Ariannah Duran Thigh gaps have so much to do with how wide your hips are
    set rather than the weight you’re at. Nothing is going to change your bone
    structure. And most girls have to starve themselves and very unhealthy to
    get a thigh gap because for so many women, it’s not natural. It’s fine
    though if you just want to lose weight to be healthier and have better body
    image. But do it for you. Not the thigh gap. Not the number on the scale.
    You’d be surprised at how much more motivated it makes you when you start
    feeling good about yourself.

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