25yr old Needs Advice for Edgy, yet Mature Makeover after Major Weight Loss?

I want a mature, however nonetheless edgy (with a dose of harmful boy) look. I have lost over 100 lbs (went from 3xl to measurement W and from forty 4 waist jeans/pants to 33 waist) and have military temporary darkish hair. I have added some tattoos all through since dropping the load over the summer season. The solely disadvantage is the ultimate time I was able to retailer in widespread outlets, I was like 20. I want a mature look considering I shall be 25 really truly rapidly and I know I am too earlier for the earlier look (abercrombie/hollister/aeropostale, and so forth.) and I have to look grown, however not like my dad-with a contact of edginess. I don’t have to look like a persona from Friends, each-I am not a fairly boy or preppy each. I was questioning what you’d advocate? I principally am going to must buy all new fall/winter clothes since none of mine match me and its lastly getting cool adequate to the place I desire them.

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Answer by DeeMan
Well congrads and whats the important thing? Wear what your comfortable in be your self and NOT some type journal.

Good Luck

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  • munkeeczar


    Hey congratulations. I had a similar experience (38 to a 32), and had to re-buy my wardrobe several times. Fun, but expensive. Your story is truly something to be proud of. My suggestion is to focus on your style, rather than a particular store. At the end of it, you will find yourself “gravitating” to certain stores, but don’t look to the store to define your style. There are worse things in the world than looking like the “Guess” guy or the “Banana Republic” guy, but what you are after here is creating your “style”, this should not be confused with “fashion”. You mentioned “bad boy”, and I get where you are coming from. This should be your attitude and confidence, not necessarily your wardrobe. I would suggest being subtle with this. A really cool belt buckle, or a pair of motorcycle boots, 2-day beard growth, when you are dressed up. This displays confidence, mystery, and contradiction, something that women appreciate. I understand you don’t want to look “preppy” or “pretty boy”, but you also don’t want to look like the carbon copy “Ed Hardy” or “Affliction” t-shirt dude. DO NOT BE T-SHIRT DUDE. Even if it costs $ 75 and has velvet eagles and snakes on it… you also want to avoid being “witty” t-shirt dude, but more on this later. As a rule of thumb, if anyone can correctly identify where you bought your wardrobe (as in a store), you may need to re-think it a little bit. This goes double for anything with a label stating the identity of the manufacturer. You need to become comfortable with being “well dressed”, this doesn’t mean “metrosexual”, you just have to be OK and confident with looking good. Yes, your friends may hassle you. They are jealous. When in doubt, ask the advice of a female that doesn’t know you too well. Seriously, you are better off asking a random chick in the mall or store that looks well dressed than asking a female that knows you really well. Trust me on this.

    What kind of dude are you? Well, consider where you live and what you do, both for a living, and how you spend your free time. The best immediate advice I can give you is to start thinking about “style”, don’t be afraid to over-dress, and buy clothes that FIT (this is always difficult, as having lost weight, I still get nervous about buying a small or medium shirt, when I used to wear XL’s to hide my gut and man-boobs). This is the single most valuable piece of advice I can offer you. You will have a tendency to buy things at least a size too big. Do not buy anything that is “loose”, you will look sloppy. As much as it will be unsettling at first, when in doubt, go with the smaller size. When I started to lose weight and started to shop for clothes, I became aware that their were guys that weighed more than me at my new weight, but looked “fitter”, because they wore the correct (usually smaller) sized shirt. My girlfriend has been invaluable in encouraging my “clothing confidence” as far as size, but…… I don’t let her pick my clothes. You can always wash in cold, and hang dry, or dry on low. Take my word for it, this is better than buying something and trying to shrink it. If it seems to tight after a wash, pull it out wet, stretch it, and hang it or lay it to dry flat. This goes for jeans too. I don’t use the dryer for anything other than workout clothes.

    Ok, that being said. You should consider some basics, you can mix and match from there. I can’t type a book here, so, don’t take this as the end-all. A word about layers— they are good, make them work for you, remember the t-shirt? Never wear it without a jacket (blazer), even then, use them sparing.

    Blazers- Don’t think of them as “suit jackets”, think of them as jackets. Molehair (a polyester that feels sort of like velvet… stay with me here…), or a full length corduroy are great and extremely versatile. You can throw them on over a henley, button down, thermal top, hoodie, and be the man. Throw a scarf around your neck (if you dare), and brave the elements. Don’t worry about where you bought it, seriously, get over it. Who cares if it came from Armani or Salvation Army? I have both. The trick is to take it to a tailor (or dry cleaner, most of them do this), and have it altered to fit you. If you bought it at the thrift store, have it laundered to get the hobo smell out of it. Even if it feels perfect off of the rack, you will likely want it to pull in tighter around your waist. You are looking for the “european” fit here. This is the look they get on the mannequins by pinning up the material on the back of the shirts for a more “fitted” look. It is also the “hip” look. I have no shame in mixing Old Navy with Calvin Klein.

    Shirts – Again, it’s about the fit. I can’t stress this enough. You will be looking for shirts that are touted as “fitted”, or “slim fit”, even if you are buying a large. This goes for any type of t-shirt (other than you’re whities), that you will wear. I suggest getting several button downs. Remember, you can buy a few “loud” or “hip” shirts for different occasions, because you are going to have a blazer or sweater on right? I really like henley’s, thermal tops, or just long sleeve v-necks, under a blazer for a casual look.


    I like em for the winter (under a blazer), but when it’s a little warmer, and I have a choice, I always take the blazer, even if it is just a casual corduroy one. I prefer the “quarter zip” ones. For the non-zips, I am partial to v-necks. Nothing hideous, but don’t be afraid to experiment.


    For jeans – boot cut. They make you look slimmer, and your legs longer. It’s a good look, but you need to get used to a little tighter feeling in the thigh. Took me a while to get over it, now I love them. You can also do the “relaxed straight leg”, which is what I started with, but seriously, get at least one pair of boot cut. For dress pants, it’s a little more straight forward, flat front, no cuff… you’ve earned it. Different brands will sit differently on your waist, and may likely require a larger size than jeans (don’t worry about it). I like Express men’s pants, but don’t get drawn into buying any trendy shirts with a bold lion logo on it. Some of their dress-shirts are “ok”, but you don’t want to get too pimp with them though, you don’t live in South Miami Beach right?

    Shoes – too much to type here. I have a shoe obsession no straight man should have. Rule of thumb, don’t get too many “round toe” shoes.

    Well, that wraps it up, I have to get back to work. Good luck. In addition to examples, I have also referenced some men’s fashion and style sites. The examples are just that, you can find this stuff in a lot of places, I am going to the more “popular” places just to find quick examples. Don’t be afraid to buy top-notch stuff. Compare the quality in person of different brands, and do some research. Since you are layering, you can afford to buy better quality, as you will get more “wears” out of your stuff. It’s normal to feel apprehensive when you first start trying on your new clothes, but be confident. If it doesn’t push you out of your comfort zone a little, you are not trying hard enough!

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