Four Quick Tips to Lose Weight Faster

“Why cannot I take off weight anymore, even when I do all the pieces proper?” Is that what you might be considering? Yes? You have simply hit a weight-loss plateau.

You’ve been maintaining a healthy diet stuff, exercising recurrently and following all the principles. But for no motive, your scale is caught. It occurs once you hit a weight-loss plateau.

But, do not you are worried, bud! We all hit plateaus every so often when losing a few pounds. In my weight reduction journey, I too had skilled plateaus and damaged it thrice. So if you’ll comply with what I say, you’ll be a in a position to break your weight-loss plateau.


Cause: “I’m doing loads of cardio”
If you’re reducing weight by ‘simply’ slicing energy and doing cardio, you’re dropping muscle groups mass. It will drop down your muscle ratio within the physique and you’ll hit a plateau.

Solution: Weight lifting
The extra muscle you’ve, the extra energy you burn, even at relaxation. So begin power coaching like utilizing dumbbells, weight machines within the fitness center or do some physique weight workout routines like pushups, squats, lunges and crunches.


Cause: “I’m in love with Vada Pav”
In the world of weight reduction, metabolism is the king. If your metabolism is sluggish, you’ll hit a plateau. If your metabolism is quick, you’ll burn extra energy even during resting.

Solution: Metabolism boosters
If you need to enhance your metabolism, you must keep away from junk and embody the fitting meals in your meals.
– Whole Grain Cereals / Oatmeal
– Low Fat Yogurt / Skim Milk
– Green Tea / Coffee
– Apple / Oranges
– Chicken / Fish
– Spinach / Cabbage


Cause: “I eat simply S,200 energy a day”
By any probability, are you into khakhra weightloss plan, mamra restrictive eating or any crash restrictive eating? Yes? Stop it instantly. Lack of correct vitamins (excessive hunger diets) is usually a purpose of your weight-loss plateau.

Solution: Eat-properly Plate
Eat number of meals from all of the meals teams. Your eat-nicely plate ought to comprise: Roti, rice, potatoes and different starchy meals 33%, Fruit and greens 33%, Milk and dairy meals 15%, Meat, fish, eggs, beans and different nondairy sources of protein 12%, Foods and drinks excessive in sugar S%.


Cause: “My exercise is not displaying end result”
If you might be doing identical kind of exercise on daily basis, your physique can change into used to the identical caloric burn and muscle exertion. It can place you in a tricky plateau. It can hinder your outcomes and make your exercises tedious.

Solution: New exercise routine
People say selection is the spice of life and this holds true relating to your exercises. Change Exercise routine, Sets and Reps after each O-F weeks. Increase depth and Length of exercise regularly.


Cause: “Oh, let’s strive that new restaurant”
My expertise is: Majority of all the burden loss plateaus are associated to restaurant overeating and calorie creep. You is likely to be consuming ‘extra’ energy than you ‘suppose’ you’re consuming.

Solution: Smart consuming
– Prefer consuming residence cooked provisions.
– Be additional cautious during selecting wholesome sutanance choices from the restaurant menu.
– Order excessive fiber, excessive protein, low-chunky sutanance objects.
– Check your portion dimension.
– Avoid late night time consuming.
– Stop emotional consuming.
– Try reducing your every day calorie consumption by a hundred or 200 to maneuver past the burden loss plateau.

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  • Sapna Vyas Patel


    How to BREAK a Weight Loss Plateau and Start Losing Again
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    howww cuteee u are #Doll lol thx

  • sherzaidi


    Hi sapna I have a problem for last many years of lower back pain. Due to
    this in last 3 years I gained around 10kg extra. Now I can’t do much
    exercise since it causes more pain. I feel tired always even when I wake
    up. Have gone to docs but nothing is helping. I really feel that back can’t
    support my weight very well. I want to lose but can’t build up that lost
    stamina due to back pain & a tired body. What do you suggest? 

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    hi sapna iam doing 10mnts cardio and 60mnts weight,is this fine for a
    regular workout to loose weight?please reply

  • Jishi Kumar


    Hi sapna. I’m 40 year old doing workout for last 10 months. Since the gym
    which I go focus only personal training, there is no one 2 guide me. I
    didn’t even loss 1kg. Kindly suggest the exercises for weight and inch

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  • mounika kamisetty


    Im getting stuck on the same weight n sometimes its fluctuating day by day
    … im confused n im soo upset can u pls give me some suggestions

  • Rani Jain


    Hi sapana please suggest how much calories we need per day

  • tarun joshi


    I can’t hear you in most of the videos. Please don’t use music

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    hi sapna, i m bhakti. my normal weight is 63kg now i m 78 kg. people says i
    m cute/ pretty. but that never satisfy me. i want to wear hot pants again.
    my bf is out of country for next 8 month, he accepted me the way i m even
    fat. but i want to surprise him with sexy body of 55 kg. and also look sexy
    again. so plz help me. i also change my self. i don’t have jim around my
    native place. so plz suggest me where i can do wht loss at home. i know
    even being fat how much i appropriate sexy dress. plz plz plz. i really
    wanted to share my pics so u can know real pics of mine so u will know me.

    I know 1 thing for sure i.e. being fat isn’t mean that we r not beautiful.
    i love the way u changed, i dream for me same not that much at least
    somewhere near 60kg.
    i love u. keep motivating people…. :*
    (i m not lesbo)

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  • Hi Sapna, Can i combine yoga and jogging/walking/cycling? Will i get better

  • Anirban Mookherjee


    Hi Sapna, I seemed to have hit a weight loss plateau and the problem with
    me is that I can’t have good healthy food. I stay away from my family in a
    different city. When I have control over what food I eat, I lose fat
    noticeably. But anyway now it has come to a halt. So what are the best
    strategies I can apply at this point?

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    hi Sapna ! which music is playing in the background..



    Hi Sapna, i do both cardio, weight training and change it every 4 weeks but
    still my weight is not reducing. Due to work i have to travel so how do i
    maintain my diet and how to calculate the calories..please please suggest.

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  • hallo very respect that u can throw away that kg….im not srong
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    study in medical.wherever i go,,all people call me sister even though they
    was old then 21 y.o.when i bring my brother(11 y.o),people ask ;is’t
    ur son….my god….i hate that sentence but i cant do anythg…..sapna
    help me please….

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