Been Busy

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been really busy. It’s mid semester exam time at Uni and I’ve also started a new job. Well, I’ve gone from casual, working all over the place and irregularly, to permanent part time in one house. It’s a LOT of hours… 5 days a week one week then 6 days a week the second week and includes sleepovers. I’m pretty stressed… I also do all the housework and Josh is even saying he wants to MOVE houses in 1 month, which will be an absolute nightmare. Also, he was made redundant at his job. So I’ve been quite stressed. He doesn’t understand why I’m stressed (wtf?). I just wish I could fast forward this year. This year really sucks so far.

So I’ve been eating a lot of crap… pizza, McDonald’s, random crap. Anything I make at home is usually very quick and easy like this:


It’s just english muffins and on top I put pasta sauce, green capsicum, mushroom, oregano, cheese, and 1 egg (the vegetables are mixed in egg)… my mum always makes them for parties lol. But she usually makes them with meat. They taste like pizza mixed with quiche.

Anyway… I’m fed up of eating crap so I’m going to be eating a lot better in the next few weeks. I’m craving nutritious healthy food now. So I’ll be photoblogging what I eat again from now. 🙂

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