Can a Pair of Jeans Really Make You Thinner?

Whilst many jeans claim to look slimming, one brand has gone a step further and markets itself as the original Tummy Tuck® jeans. The brand ‘Not Your Daughters Jeans®’ claims to be the original design for an innovative new women’s jeans product line. The jeans are specially cut and finished for slimming down the look of the tummy plus give a lifting effect to the shape of the bottom. The brand even claims the tailoring is so good you’ll need at least one dress size smaller.

There are no lasting ‘miracle’ effects, so not really a substitute for abdominoplasty cosmetic surgery (the classic ‘tummy tuck’ operation). But the price tag is more instantly accessible, at around $ 100 a pair and the effects are instant. This of course makes them appealing to those who daily struggle with the dreaded denim ‘muffin-top-look’, where the tummy unfortunately spills out over the jeans waistband.

The brand hit runaway sales figures in the USA before launching in the UK in 2007. They were given glowing reviews in the fashion pages of major publications, including The Telegraph, The Times and the Daily Mirror’s fashion pages. TV fashion retail guru Mary Portas, star of the UK’s BBC2 channel show ‘Mary Queen of Shops’ also featured pairs on one of her shows, with delighted customers trying them on, aided by an equally delighted boutique owner.

Anti-corset wear?

Sisters Lisa and Leslie Rudes-Sandel started ‘Not Your Daughters Jeans® in Los Angeles in 2003, with an impressive pedigree behind them. Their father George Rudes was responsible for St Germain denim fashion lines, huge in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Lisa says the product came about due to a frustrating gap in the market for her- jeans for real-size women which were flattering and comfortable.

The brand’s promotion emphasizes the jeans comfort factor, highlighting that unlike traditional corsets or restrictive ‘shapewear’, the jeans do not simply hold the tummy back! The jeans rely on patented features, including the cut and special cross-stitch panels to comfortably contour the body. The comfort and stretch is essential, to avoid the muffin-top look. That particular modern hazard is due to simple physics: tummies neatly contained insidesimply pop out over the top, released from the pressure in those familiar, unflattering rolls!

The sales figures reflect their hit design, with No.1 seller status on, a massive online fashion retailer in the states, where a reported 2,000 pairs sold in one day.

RS Brown writes articles about tummy tuck jeans as part of a series about bodysculpting fashion.

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