Can the naturally skinny women keep skinny with a voracious weightloss plan ?

Question by kingskid_love: Can the naturally skinny women keep skinny with a voracious weightloss plan ?
I am 5 ft 3 inches  and 22. I like staying skinny in order that i can put on no matter i would like…. I keep in hostel away from residence, so the dietary habits are poor….. I imply i could have jam sandwich for
breakfast, rice and fish for lunch and rice and egg for dinner and in the afternoon, simply exit with my man for some pastries or perhaps pasta…. And together with the hectic schedule, the 4 occasions a day consuming routine, i do go for night walks for about an hour….. I attain a secure ninety weight this approach…. I do not achieve, i’m consuming sufficient however i get actual skinny however i look lovely that method so i take pleasure in it..

And then i’m going house for a few week, sleep and eat all day, candies, chips, rice, pasta, muffins, meat meat/meat, and get invited on treats, perhaps greater than 6000 energy on a regular basis for a few
week, since i really like good stuff, i relish each second in consuming.. I know its dangerous however the hostel stuff retains me disadvantaged…. Then bam !!! I achieve a pleasant ten weight in only a week..
I imply if i’ve a very good metabolism, i shudnt be gaining even when i eat like a horse proper, however i achieve.. But again to hostel, i lose once more in one other week..

I dont belive in ravenous myself to be ninety weight, however i really like being ninety in comparison with ninety nine…. however i all the time imagined ….. The women who declare to be naturally skinny and thin with good genes and nice metabolism who by no means watch what they eat….. Are they that method even with a voracious weightloss plan like mine ? as a result of i keep skinny when am consuming spherical 2000 to 3000 and staying lively…. But i cant run away from the vacation kilos….

Dont they watch what they eat too ??? Or is it simply my dangerous genes ? Or dangerous habits ? Hehe

Please assist… Thanks

Best reply:
I am the identical. When i eat usually (not too an excessive amount of) I am one hundred ten kilos. However, when I eat alot I achieve a very good 10 weight in every week or two. But when I return to my regular weightloss plan I return to one hundred ten.

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  • I am just like you. I love food, but am crazy skinny. I run a lot, so my back calves and thighs have muscle, which is why I’m pretty sure I’m at a healthy weight. I can really get hungry and pig out everyday for 2 weeks at the most and basically “fast” for about 3 days after that. I know it isn’t the healthiest thing and all, but I kind of manage my weight like that. I do have bad eating habits, and its okay as long as you balance it out. It may be your genes if the rest of your family eats the way you do.

  • NympheTamine


    try to include less meat and lot of vegetables in your diet. have boiled egg, oats and a fruit for your breakfast. try out some of those asian dishes for lunch and dinner they have lots of vegetables and yet taste good. if your hungry in the evening have soup with brown bread or dry fruits. you can also try out some salads with sprouts. starving yourself wont work but having lot of vegetables and white meat and working out would

  • Stranger


    You like to think you have a fast metabolism but your diet at the hostel does not sound like 2000-3000 calories. It’s more like 1200-1500. What you and most girls are doing is called binge eating. This is unhealthy and not recommended. You are also underweight for your height. 99lbs is considered a normal weight for 5’3″. I’m not going to tell you how to live your life but I recommend you do annual physicals and blood test. I suspect you may be anemic. The best insurance you can do is take a daily multivitamin.

    To answer your question specifically, no a fast metabolism will not compensate for eating 6000 calories a day. Olympic athletes eat 6000-10000 calories a day during their training cycle and they do not gain weight. But they train 5-8 hours a day. A normal person who does no exercise would continue to gain weight weekly.

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