Extreme makeover on my face?

Question by : Extreme makeover on my face?
When I was 17 my girlfriend earlier away, (rip Megan) and I started taking drugs.

I was taking them for 2 years until I overdosed about P months previously. I checked myself into rehab and now I’ve been sober for 2weeks. πŸ™‚

How do I reverse the results of the entire drugs?

I want to have the flexibility to look how I did sooner than all this occurred, I was most likely in all probability essentially the most good wanting particular person in my complete yr at school and now check out the state of me


Obviously the facial hair has to go, what subsequent?

Best reply:
First of all im very sorry in your loss πŸ™

As in your appears i agree that the facial hair has to go, but apart from that i really feel you look alright and that the medication haven’t made yo look that harmful. All id say is that you should obtain slightly little bit of whalelike physique and that you have to star tying to actually really feel increased about your self and attempting to comprehend further confidence and perception me it can shine through in your seems. Every ones appears change as they turn out to be outdated and one can discover that alot of individuals which were good wanting at school aren’t as quite a bit later in life

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