Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition S01E06 – Wally

This week on Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, Chris Powell takes on his newest morbidly overweight problem in Wally – a faithful husband and father who compulsively overeats. Will the dependancy to sutanance be greater than even Chris can deal with? Keep studying to seek out out what occurs…

Wally and his household dwell in an condo on the second ground. He is 26 12 months-previous and is about 359 kilos chubby. He talks about quick meals being a consolation as he grew up in a single-father or mother dwelling. Wally’s younger daughter has average listening to loss and he’s pissed off that he can’t stroll and play along with her as she will get older – he’s too drained.

Wally wrote a letter to Chris Powell asking for assist. Chris feels if he doesn’t save Wally now, he gained’t be round for the subsequent decade. Wally is shocked to be chosen. His spouse cries.

Boot Camp

Boot camp is a crash course in getting wholesome. Wally weighs in at 490 mass. The preliminary exercise is a tricky expertise for Wally who tells the digicam this isn’t going to be simple. He breaks down in tears speaking concerning the teasing he took as a toddler. Chris encourages him to let all of it out. Wally subsequent will get a lesson on how one can eat wholesome.


Back in his personal surroundings, surrounded by triggers, Wally will actually be examined. They’ve constructed him a private health club within the basement. Chris desires him to lose a hundred and ten lbs within the subsequent 3 months. He provides incentive – if he reaches the purpose, Chris will ship his household to Disney World.

After one month, Wally is down forty one lbs – Chris is impressed. The subsequent day – day 31 – Chris takes Wally to climb 103 flights to the highest of the Sears Tower. He succeeds.

Three Month Weigh-In

On day fifty two, Wally is confronted with some tempting meals. Chris notes that he’s talked about without quick sutanance a couple of occasions, and he’s involved. The three month weigh-in comes and he have to be at 380 lbs or much less. Wally weighs in at 380 lbs precisely!

Chris tells Wally that he must lose 70 lbs for his subsequent section – his milestone will probably be a a hundred mile bike experience. Chris says it’s time for him to go, which is frightening as a result of some folks fall off the wagon at this level.

By day ninety seven, Wally is easing again into work – he’s tempted by dozens of quick sutanance joints on the way in which to his job. Wally works with individuals who have developmental disabilities and is attempting to show them easy methods to eat wholesome. A woman brings in dessert, inflicting Wally to notice how troublesome it’s to keep away from temptation.

At day a hundred and fifty five, Chris is anxious that he hasn’t seen Wally within the gymnasium or kitchen at his house, however Wally tells him he’s been figuring out within the yard and cooking at work.

Six Month Weigh-In

The six month weigh-in is available in Orlando at Disney World. Chris meets them and notices that Wally seems to have gained weight, however he retains quiet during they get pleasure from themselves. The subsequent day, Wally admits he’s been going by way of drive-thrus two or three days in a row. Chris accuses him of lying to him and to his household week after week. Chris is outraged that he would choose his habit over every part. Wally cries that he can’t management himself and says he wants slightly further assist. He pleads with Chris to not go away him.

Chris goes forward with the weigh-in. He was at 380 lbs at three months and was requested to lose 70 lbs. He is all the way down to 359 lbs now, however Chris remains to be pissed that he lied. He asks Wally to indicate him what he’s obtained within the bike trip.


Wally’s brothers be part of them for the one hundred mile bike journey within the warmth. Wally’s tires preserve going flat because of his weight. The bike professional tries to say it’s not as a result his weight to spare his emotions, however has to strengthen the tube. Wally begins faltering by in regards to the forty three mile mark. They take a shade break and Wally goes into misery. He is pressured to cease the journey.

Severe Addiction

In the times and week that comply with, Wally is hating on himself and cuts off contact with Chris. When he lastly touches base, Chris goes to Chicago very involved. He talks to Wally’s spouse about his addictive conduct the place he’s complying with this system however rewarding himself with sweet and quick Cuisine. Wally arrives at house and sheepishly greets Chris and the digicam crew. There is a quick Cuisine bag in his automotive. Chris notes that he’s clearly gained weight. Wally admits he’s been consuming quick sutanance on a regular basis and has felt suicidal. Chris weighs him – he’s again as much as 418 lbs. Chris tells him he can’t assist him – he wants structured rehab.


Chris leaves Wally at rehab and says he’s now not his coach, only a supportive pal. They half methods with Chris feeling he did all he might, however he’s terrified for Wally. Wally enrolled, and is getting the assistance he wants.

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33 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition S01E06 – Wally

  • Moses Yang


    Food addiction is about as real as oxygen addiction…

  • Yeshua Samuel


    I am a food addict. !!

  • Ayyappa Paramesh


    sir,where is the contination video of the wally. bcz its lifestory is
    wonderfull really that painfull weight loss is too tough to take.i inspired
    this video.please where is his contination video

  • Clide Delaney


    with all the help this guy received there’s no excuse for failing! so
    fucking selfish

  • Ishan Sanyal


    SHIT!! I just wasted 42 minutes of my life. 

  • Melissa Hawn


    I’m Also A Food Addict Help!

  • Benjamin Edward


    Poor bloke – hope he got/gets there eventually.

  • OneLegitMofo


    i dont want to eat food anymore XD

  • 6eef2000



  • D'Yandra Forrester


    Please get better, Wally! 🙁
    I hope that there’s a follow-up on his progress and recovery~

  • João Soares


    People like this man won’t ever overcome their psychological traumas,
    they’ll always be morbedly obese and they’ll die young because of it. As an
    MD I’ve seen too many people going down this path to think otherwise…

  • Jonathan Martinez


    If you wanna lose weight and be a normal slim person go VEGAN, simple as

  • reuscmar


    I think after three seasons, Chris’ concept has proven itself effective.
    Loosing 100 pounds in 3 months is not too much if you do it right. Intense
    workout and good food habits. And a big part of all this is emotional and
    mental workout. Overeating is always symptomatic for some trauma. And I
    agree with some comments saying that in Wally’s case, Chris couldn’t give
    him the help necessary. He knows what he’s doing, but sometimes, it’s not

  • antonio hinds



  • issie arson


    Some of you people make me proud to be alive, but some of you are rude as
    all get out.
    So, an addiction to food isn’t real, and these people can’t overcome their
    psychological traumas and will always be morbidly obese and die because of
    it? Let’s start with the second part of my opening statement. You’re right.
    A lot of these people won’t overcome their traumas, but you can’t say
    “people like this man” because that’s rude and insensitive. There are a lot
    of people who can overcome their traumas and lose weight. Not all of them
    are the same. Secondly, food addiction not a real thing? But something as
    stupid as having an addicting to porn and sitting and rubbing one out
    times a day is? Grow up. Food is as addictive as crack, or meth, or
    whatever other drug you want. Just fyi, I use to be that way. I lost two
    fathers in less than an eight year period I had a lot of problems growing
    up because of it. I found it I was eating people would leave me alone so I
    turned to food and made it my friend and I ate all the time so that I
    wouldn’t have to talk. Then it got to the point my body was so used to
    having so much food in my body that I became dependent on it. I got up to
    350lbs and I thought I would never be healthy again. And when I was 17 I
    got pregnant and lost the baby because of my weight and I woke up and I’ve
    been shedding weight since. Food addiction is real. I know. I went through
    it, so Moses Yang, please show us your PHD and scientific research proving
    otherwise. Joao Soares, you’re just an insensitive jerk trying to brandish
    your “MD” status online. Your patients probably leave you feeling worse
    about themselves than they did when they came to you. I’m proof. You don’t
    believe me I’ll send you a link to a picture of me at my heaviest and a
    picture of me now. 

  • Josh Anders


    this is fucking stupid. You don’t make a 220 kg dude run you put him on a
    fucking diet. Idiot show. Try running with a 150kg barbell on your back and
    see how that works out that is what this dude is going through, it’s not
    fucking realistic.

  • Desiparth


    Im not gonna lie, I started laughing in the end when he said “Will you
    still be my friend” LMAO 

  • paul deavin


    he looks like robbie williams

  • Lando Hernandez


    I’m crying right now…

  • Nu Castiel


    in Oct to Nov 2013 i lost my weight 101 Kg to 85 in 31 days.

  • FingerTwinkles


    At 9:27 he kind of reminded me of Tim from Marble Hornets.

  • Moriah Milner


    I love how sarcastic he is. My favorite part was “ALEX IS IN BEAST MODE!!!”

  • paul deavin


    we need guys like this in england . a true fighter to the end. 

  • kawaiiushii


    did he get the job at the braves ?

  • Kimarinu


    They said they can’t use normal scales on other peope that weight less to
    begin with then him on the 2nd go..

  • Hilal Yıldız


    You are amazing Alex !

  • Monica Bainum


    Darn you Chris Powell. You’ve made me cry again. So moving. Overcoming
    difficulties.. It’s easier said then done. I’m so proud of this kid. He
    loved his Mother the way I loved my Mother. I wish I could have
    accomplished my weight loss in the time that my Mother was here.. But, like
    he said, She’s with him every step of the way. I truly believe it
    for myself as well. Good luck and never quit Alex. A great life is ahead
    of you now. Enjoy it. 

  • nekopii


    Is it really necessary to have skin removal surgery? D: Is there any other
    way to lose that loose skin without surgery? D:

  • vuurvoske


    Respect from the Netherlands bro, keep strong! :)

  • Hasanat Ahmed


    Alright there! Have you ever tried – Venus Incredible Physique Makeover
    (should be on google have a look)? Ive heard some pretty good things about
    it and many women of all ages got amazing results with it.

  • Pete s


    Chris ur sooooooooo amazing.

  • Mesmerizeasmr


    I love Chris, he’s so encouraging and positive

  • GreenSmoothie Lainie


    ok yes its not healthy, but man id love to taste that burger!!!

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