Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition S03E12: Cassandra

Once a 4-time All American athlete, Cassandra not performs any sports activities. She weighs an unhealthy 364 mass. After a messy divorce, the heartbroken forty five-yr-previous from Quartz Hill, CA turned to stuff to bury her sorrows. A highschool steerage counselor and coach for the monitor and subject group, she tells her college students they will obtain something they put their minds to. Yet with regards to dropping pounds, she is unable to comply with her personal recommendation. For Phase M, Chris duties her with shedding ninety mass in ninety days. If she does this, he’ll ship her on a singles journey journey.

Chris will get Cassandra again to her previous coaching methods. He even will get her to leap once more. This is one thing she hasn’t performed in such a very long time as a result her weight. On Day seventy six, Chris brings in movie star chef Rocco DiSpirito to indicate her easy methods to make fast and wholesome meals. At the ninety-Day Weigh-In, Cassandra is available in at 272 kilos. She hit her objective by shedding over a pound a day. Chris desires her to maintain dropping the load so he can ship her on a whitewater rafting journey. He duties Cassandra with shedding 60 kilos in Phase P.

Cassandra goes exterior of her consolation zone to have interaction in some velocity courting. She even will get requested out which is so much higher than sitting at residence on Saturday evening. Cassandra takes a dance class together with her gentleman caller, Jeff. The two of them have a variety of enjoyable. The expertise has opened her as much as the opportunity of many future dates. Unfortunatelty, outdated habits start to come up throughout her weight reduction journey. At the S-Month Weigh-In in Costa Rica, Cassandra is available in at 248 kilos. She solely lost 24 weight.

Cassandra is reluctant to embark on the whitewater rafting journey. She fears falling out of the boat and never having the ability to pull herself again in. She finally takes on the rapids and does, certainly, fall into the water. Fortunately, Chris is ready to pull her proper again into the boat. He lets her know that he desires her to lose forty kilos in Phase O. Cassandra guarantees she’ll be the comeback child. She additionally goes on that promised singles journey earlier than leaving Costa Rica.
Back within the States, Cassandra tries to get again on observe. She has fairly a number of weight to lose earlier than the deadline. She’s stressing out concerning the large objective, so Chris provides her smaller targets so she gained’t really feel so overwhelmed. At the N-Month Weigh-In, Cassandra is right down to 217 weight. She’s lost forty % of her authentic physique weight. She desires to lose somewhat extra earlier than seeing Dr. Stoker in regards to the pores and skin removing surgical procedure. This strategy pays off. Cassandra is deemed candidate for the surgical procedure.

When the day comes for the Final Weigh-In, Casandra takes the stage in her college’s gymnasium. Cheers erupt from all the youngsters she works with each day. She lets her college students know that goals occur. Hers simply got here true. Cassandra steps on the dimensions one remaining time. She now weighs 189 kilos. That means she lost one hundred seventy five complete. She’s rewarded with a $25,000 Walmart present card so she will be able to purchase all of the contemporary produce she wants for a wholesome way of life. She does slightly dance to rejoice her superb accomplishment. Way to go, Cassandra!

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11 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition S03E12: Cassandra

  • claris drouet


    I see this couple as people that needed to mature up and they have, and
    they continue to grow. This will help them in ways they never thought

  • eccentricflower29


    what is the name of that song playing at the 0:58 mark??

  • veronicachic


    jason is a lazy, effeminate whiny bitch. i’ve seen young girls on here who
    are tougher than him. 

  • xginanax


    First time hearing Chris Powell say the FUUUUCK word lol

  • Eunice Jimenez



  • cayesh1234


    Jason looks a little bit like Robert de Niro.

  • William Wallis


    Rachel and Jason spent 6 hours in a Jym the first day!!! surely, the human
    body can not take this without injury? The positive thing is, you guys are
    no where hear the heaviest I have seen on this show. Oh my, that’s a
    negative from Jason, on day 2, not good. Excellent, in no time at all,
    Jason changes his attitude, well done 🙂
    Here we are, a few weeks in, and you two are looking great 🙂 That “warrior
    dash” looks amazing, loads of fun 🙂 Dieting, can be stressful, ups and
    downs all the way, emotions change all the time. My mum gave me loads of
    support, through every contest. Jason, those dead lifts are amazing, your
    back must be very strong, 275lbs, that is a serious weight there Jason.
    Rachel’s look serious too 🙂
    It IS beautiful, (empire state) They walk through that door, they look a
    different couple, so fit, radiant. Rachel, Size 10, is perfect, Jason, you
    look amazing 🙂
    And I hope your lives will be perfect together for the rest of you days

  • malani Moore


    im glad that they lost so much weight good luck

  • Ariana0999


    wow!!!…he looked soo good and the wife:)

  • sahajkuy rajanaka


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    easy way for you to burn fat fast.

  • Lee Braxton


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