Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition S03E09: Alyssa

When she was simply ten years old, Alyssa was in a horrific automobile accident that took her mom’s life. In response to that trauma, Alyssa ballooned to her current 414 lbs. Living in Kalamazoo, Michigan along with her dad, Alyssa is delighted to be chosen for the present. But just some weeks into her weight reduction journey, she begins vomiting throughout her morning exercises. Chris explains that her physique is detoxifying from her poor restrictive eating, and to show it he tries consuming her previous restrictive eating himself for sooner or later – and it ends in Chris vomiting! Chris then calls in superstar coach Drew Manning, creator of Fit to Fat to Fit – he deliberately gained and lost eighty weight in a 12 months – to share his expertise with dwelling on a nasty weightloss plan. At the S-month mark, Alyssa will get an opportunity to meet a lifelong dream of studying to snowboard, and her instructor is none aside from champion Lindsey Jacobellis. Late within the yr, Alyssa admits to Chris that she has been binging and purging, and Chris brings in his spouse, Heidi, who dealt together with her personal consuming dysfunction, to assist counsel her.

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32 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition S03E09: Alyssa

  • Mesmerizeasmr


    She’s really beautiful, and she has a gorgeous smile! It’s good to see her
    all happy and smiley near the end :)

  • Rialouise Harding


    This Episode got me :'( 

  • Ronin Fredricson


    I always get so scared when you see the white on black text at the end of
    shows like these because I always think it’s gonna say the person died XD

  • Rora De la Costa


    she’s so gorgeous! good for her!

  • sumedha perera


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    Reborn Lean Max. That can help you get the body you deserve.

  • lina thing


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  • Roberta M


    Please fix the video

  • sasha216t


    i always wanna cry when someone has a breakthrough or reaches a milestone!
    i used to be 407lbs and now im about 330. seeing a physical change in your
    body and actually having to buy a different size clothing is so surreal.
    like literally unbelievable. getting stronger too. being able to do
    workouts before that you couldnt. i can cross my legs now! and paint my
    toenails 🙂 a lot of people like me that are obese have this idea that they
    can’t lose weight, that for some reason it won’t work for them. its
    science. if your body can gain fat and you can go up in sizes, your body
    can lose fat too! just put in the work, and be patient. you’re not going to
    lose the weight all at once just like you didnt gain it all at once. i want
    everyone that reads this to just keep going! don’t give up! you’ll regret
    it if you do, but you’ll never regret it if you just keep trying.

  • bananaers26rox


    It would be soo awesome to have a husband like him he is soo sweet and
    supportive his wife must be very proud!! :-)

  • Z2inab


    from the begining i though : ” this girl is georgous “”

  • vidhead85


    After eating healthy for so long, I can NOT imagine eating fast food again.
    I THINK about it, and then I think about the gas, the bloating, the
    uncomfortable feelings….

    I’m glad that she was able to get her weight loss and I’m hoping she was
    able to maintain it

    It was great to see Jacqui again also

  • sheena Odom


    I really wish I could get on this show, i love what he does.

  • ExtremeWeightLoss

  • Hằng Trần


    ko gi là k thể =D



    I am feeling awesome for those people who knows how to discipline and
    persevere because these things are the traits of people who are goal
    setters and achievers, Like the people on this vid, They strive hard, they
    work it all out and achieve their goals. Keep it up guys!!

  • Vinnie Chan


    60 pounds in 60 days that’s extreme

  • Raed Darouaz


    I think that following a weight loss program is necessary for real results
    , you can gain time&effort .I recommend to try the 4 day fat loss guys for
    only 27$ with 100% money back guarantee !

  • cyberlucy


    What I think is interesting is that she says that no one in her family is
    obese but both of her parents are definitely clinically obese.

  • Helen Jennings


    Wow both of her parents are obese as well. Why dd he say Rachel was the
    only obese person in her family? Good for her for taking control and
    changing the pattern for her own health.

  • Lucy Preece


    Crying!! Amazing!

  • napalmnacey


    I love this girl. Her attitude is amazing.

  • joeyprimetime88


    With extreme weight loss comes extreme skin removal. All the loose skin is
    uglier than the fat.

  • luvinlife225


    You go girl!!

  • Pablo Podhorzer


    Still fat. Lots to go.

  • Gracia Kennyta


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    weight for the past months. It’s really important to find the right

  • Usman Ashraf


    She was teaching kid PE

    I don’t know she got the job lol

    But she looks great now.

  • Chanaka Dananjaya


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    full delicious meals at the same time? Go and Google Skinnimaker System to
    learn more.

  • Janet Valentin


    *I have lost 20 pounds and absolutely love this product.*

  • FemorteFatal


    i need this man in my life

  • Girlyhelp 05


    She is actually really pretty:)

  • Rosas Estivalys


    So proud of her and the trainer for motivating her believing in her I cried
    this was an amazing transformation

  • Bean Linville


    Fast track weight loss! Amazing and Good Job guys!

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