Fast approach to lose butt fat?

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I need to lose 20 lbs, most of my large body is in my abdomen, the remainder of me is ok, what are some methods to flatten my abdomen, i want it to work quick… Help Plz!!! and what are some methods to assist me from consuming junk meals, i can do it for a short while, however then i get a craving after which i eat it, what to do?

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First you need to minimize out carbs in your weightloss plan. Additionally  sugar goes straight to a lady’s abdomen. Attempt consuming little parts all through the day, like each three hours to curb urge for food.

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5 thoughts on “Fast approach to lose butt fat?

  • Sora


    NO DIETS you can eat anything you want as long as you EXERSIZE geez exersize people exersize diets bad…..very very bad

  • yorkie lover


    excersize and good eating habits.

  • mustanglady


    When you are wanting the junk food, ask yourself why am I wanting this!!

  • Michelle F


    No such thing as a way to lose it fast unless you want to opt for surgery which is just ridiculous. Try working for it. When you want to eat something ask yourself if you are REALLY hungry or if you are bored. I usually eat pretty good on the weekdays when i work and slack a little on the weekends.

    I’m a size 6 and i watch what I eat very little, don’t excercise too much but watch my portions and acknoledge when i am eatting for the wrong reasons.

  • Halley m


    just as long as you dont try to do it in like 3 weeks, cause its unhealthy if someone looses more then 3 pounds per week, so just work out and cut down on junk food. eat lots of fruits and veggies, well good luck!

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