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Question sent to us:
Please help me, I currently am 5’4″ and weigh 130 pounds. I am 17 yrs old and i really wanna loose some weight.  I currently run and swim but it only helped at the beginning, and now it is not doing much of anything.

How can i lose weight?

Our Answer
It is great that you are currently exercising, do not stop doing that at all. The next thing you need to look at is how are your eating habits? You need to eat healthy and continue to exercise more, changing up your routine. Just try your best to avoid temptations of sweats and certain fast foods.

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7 thoughts on “Help Me Lose Weight

  • 1. don’t starve thats silly.
    2. eat sensible (but have treats now again)
    3. exercise

    just do it the old fashioned way. and don’t go back to eating what you used to diets don’t usually work you need to change your lifestyle.

  • maybe you just need to tone up. I bet you are just right…

  • -xLovableAsianx-


    you have to change your eating habit as well. Maybe do other activities that interest you that make you, volleyball, roller blading, DDR[if you know what that is]. To make it more effective your eating habit has to change. Talk to someone who can give you a daily schedule on what to eat, exercise at least 3-4 times a week and you should lose some weight. Worked for me. [:

  • sweetie Janine


    130 pounds at 5’4.. i don’t think you need to lose some weight.. anyway, remember that the most important thing is for you to be healthy.. take your mind of losing weight..
    do exercise and cut off the junk foods, not for any other reason but coz it would make you feel good and healthy.. =)

  • Here are some tips on how to lose weight.

    a.) Stay away from carbs. Rice, pasta, bread and meat are a big source of carbs. Minimize your carbohydrate intake.

    b.) Try a diet that consists of chicken breast, Tuna and fruits.

    c.) Avoid the ff.: carbs, sugar, meat and unnecessary meals.

    d.) Eat a heavy breakfast, minimum lunch and a very light dinner. If you could skip dinner that would be ok. Heavy breakfast coz you are active the whole day so the breakfast goes down fast. No dinner coz after dinner you sleep and the dinner turns to fat.

    e.) Exercise and do not expect miracles. Try 2 a days. Go to the gym on the am and at night but never overstress yourself. Do not work on the same body part at the same day.

    f.) Do not weigh yourself everyday. You’ll get depressed from thinking that you are not making progress where in fact you do.


    Good luck.

  • tiffanyann104


    I think that more than focusing on losing weight, it’s important to try to be fit and healthy. Sure, losing weight is part of that, but so is eating right and building muscle (not huge ones of course!) Try reading this article, it really explains how to loose weight the RIGHT way, so you can be healthy… not just skinny.

  • first of all focus on excersising, don’t continue to do the same thing over and over. hit the gym 3-4 times per week if you can, remember they are usually open from very early up untill late so work it round your schedule. try using the cross trainer, row machine and tredmill. you could also take an arobics/yoga class once a week instead of the gym, or you could add that on as there are alot of weekend yoga classes . weight doesn’t just drop off by working out, remember you may put on weight whilst your at the gym but that’s only your muscle building up and that needs to happen for you to be toned and fit. try cutting out any caffines and soda drinks because they are the worlds worst.

    i done the lemonade diet that beyonce done, it works but in order to keep the weight off you need to stop eating crap and you need to keep excersising, if you slack, you can quickly pile the pounds back on. but the best thing to do first is start eating healthy, steamed veg, rice etc. and get a good fitness routine on the go.

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