Help with weight loss?!?

Question: Help with weight reduction?!?
I’m 17 and I weigh about 138 lbs. I’m 5′ 8″ and I hate how portly I am, please- does anybody have strategies as to how I can weight loss? My splendid weight is 117 lbs. I have no specified timeline, however I actually want to be at one hundred twenty five lbs. by the mid-October.

Ana/mia = been there, carried out that. I do not have the willpower, and my mother and father caught on fairly shortly to each. There’s no means I can skip meals, or ask to organize my very own meals/ask for various stuff for meals. And train-sensible, I’m principally confined to my home as a result of I need to care for siblings during my mother and father work. So advising me to hitch a health club will not assist a lot, as a result of I do not have time to go aside from on Sundays.

Thanks for any assist you may give.

Oh- and I’m allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, and soy. So please do not advocate these meals as issues to eat throughout my weight reduction.

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You Sound like you are in perfect weight at the moment, especially for your height.

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  • fallen angel


    talk to your parents and ask them to make sure you have at least 5 of your fruit and veg a day. you dont need to starve your self etc. just make sure you eat a balanced diet, it will work just as long as you dont eat huge portions.

    as for exercise, invest in some gym equitptment in your house or even just an exercise dvd. get your family involved. even ask to take them for a walk to the park or swimming, ice skating etc…. tht way your exercising and leaving the house. go for a jog. or even just play with the kids in the garden. if it gets your heart rate going then its exercise.

    and are you sure your actually overweight because im 16 at 5 foot 10 and im 146 pounds but im not overweight, im ideal so maybe you also have your weights muddled up.

  • Kelsie L


    your not fat if that is your true hight and weight because i am 5’3″ and 113 and i am super skinny you can see my rib cage and stuff but if you seriouly think your taht terribly fat i would try some pills from a GNC near you

  • Kendra J


    hi there well with weight it changes all the time with how much exercise you do, and if you have eaten a lot of fatty food. The secret is to keep things balanced and to eat healthy. You should do some type of exercise every day but don’t tire your self out and always make time for family and friends. So watch what you eat …. 7 plus a day



    the best way is to eat healthy and exercise, no diet pills or skipping meals because they will come right back i have lost allot of weight what i do is i count my calories i take from 1300 to 1500 a day divide that by 3 meals a day and a snack making it 4 meals a day, you don’t need to go to the gym you can dance play hide and seek anything that keeps you moving what ever exercise you do will burn the little calories you eat a day because your body burns fat naturally no need to do much, try buying low calorie any thing because even if you don’t think so you are actually making a big difference i realized i was eating allot before for example eating fast food could mean your eating 1300 in one meal so stay away from it i used to eat burger king thinking it wasn’t that many calories but it is a chicken burger small fries and a small drink equals 1300 cals yeah allot huh now imagine eating that many cals for breakfast lunch dinner and chips and soda omg allot so try eating allot of veggies learn how to count calories and cut down on every thing eating allot of protein gets you full fast also chew your food allot drink water or 100% juice with your food, buy fat free olive oil or cook your food in the oven so you dont use oil you can make soups, little white rice, chicken for protein,veggies, remember to tell ppl your on a HEALTHY DIET that will shut them up because no one can argue with helth

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