Hip Parade: Skinny Girl Diet – Spooky

East London band, Skinny Girl Diet, cowl Dusty Springfields famend track, Spooky, during modelling Claire Barrow’s unique capsule assortment.

19 thoughts on “Hip Parade: Skinny Girl Diet – Spooky

  • Michael Pizzo


    SPOOKY , real nice

  • GOastronutz




  • Dimitris Pouranis

  • Weight Gain Network


    What’s the best diet to gain weight? Here are 3 foolproof tips to follow
    that will keep you on track, and make sure you continue gaining muscle

    Watch the YouTube video:
    What’s The Perfect Diet To Gain Weight? 3 Diet Plan Tips For Skinny Guys &

  • PapaSeanX5


    You get the thumbs up for Tip #3 Best advice anyone can give

  • TheRiyad1


    >all this bro science

  • bloxplox


    plenty of big fitness youtubers say that eating every 2-3 hours to gain
    weight is all bro science. as long as you remain in a caloric surplus and
    hit your macros daily you’ll gain weight. 

  • Maz Yoyo


    Chris brown song in the background :D

  • rojy kawang


    Wooww! what a good advice. i like the every tips that he gave me. It’s
    really help me alot. i have the same problem that how can i gain my weight.
    it is very helpful, later i was just 58 kg which was very much low
    according to the physical health adviser. I will really advice you all also
    to try his methods. It really works guys, just you can try for once and
    after that you may looks it result. I think of other people also have said
    the same that i told but beleave it really works to me as well to family.
    One of my uncle also have the same problem i advice him to see this video
    and try for once, he did the same today he is the average man it weight,
    height and so on..

  • vimal rajan


    this video was very helping to maintain the health,the three tips was
    really good,i would like to know more tips to maintain ma health.

  • sorry can’t stay away from sugar i need my coffee

  • Arnaz kuntadi


    i sometimes eat chocolate or other sugary foods before bed in huge amounts,
    i just cant stop. is this bad for our growth hormone? how about snacks
    before bed? is fruits bad for bedtime snacks?

  • Bangbang Kaboomboom


    Stay away from sugar ?! But muscles need sugar. Without sugar , you can’t
    get muscle,abs..etc… Even if you’re skinny, then you necessarily need

  • jaILSON ro cor


    this tip about sugar was perfect first time i heard about thanks

  • Nathan Oliva


    K thanks dude

  • Viresh Dagade


    This the one of the best video ever seen by me about health and Fitness

  • kittZ z


    Hi friend, thank for your advice,Especially the major 3 tips its really
    happen. me & my friends seeking like your this type of advice.it’s really
    helpful to my friends who want perfect body from unbalanced body .They
    worked out gym daily but there is no benefit with out your 3 TIPS .Now Your
    advice is too good for their healthy body.

  • Vidhya Achuthan


    Size up the buffet before you pounce. Most of the time, holiday
    get-together are held around a huge table full of various food selections.
    Instead of piling up your plate prematurely this year, take a little stroll
    around the table before you start digging in. This way you can decide which
    foods you really want and which you can probably live without. When you’re
    done perusing, portion out the foods you’re going to have. Which brings me
    to my second point…
    Portion and pace. Yes, the mashed potatoes are so good, I know. But “good”
    doesn’t have to equal “I need four helpings. “ Limit your consumption of
    the not-so-healthy side dishes and allow yourself more servings of
    protein-rich entrees and healthy veggie-based sides. Also remember to pace
    yourself. Good food is more enjoyable if you savor it than if you swallow
    it whole.
    Think outside the dining room. It does seem that most of our holiday
    traditions revolve around eating, but there are tons of activities you can
    enjoy with your family and friends that don’t involve gorging yourself in
    food. Go ice-skating at the local rink, if you can find snow, go play in
    it, participate in a charity run, or go for a jog around the neighborhood
    to see everyone’s lights. The possibilities for getting physical during the
    holidays are endless, so get to it!
    You are what you drink. Sometimes we’re so caught up with watching what we
    eat we forget that our drinks can also be culprits in adding on holiday
    weight. Beer is about 160 calories per 12-oz. serving—but really, when’s
    the last time you only drank a 12-oz. of beer? A 4-oz. Margarita contains
    about 270 calories. Wine is a little better for you, coming in at about 80
    calories per 4-oz. serving. The point is that drinking these beverages
    throughout the night can definitely add up, so it’s important to monitor
    your drinking. Take your time and opt for a glass of wine instead of a
    sugary mixed drink.
    Work for it. If you know you’re going to be consuming a big meal that
    everyone’s been preparing all day for, plan to do a really tough workout
    before you eat. Remember that your body burns more fat at rest after
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    workout like that before eating a big meal will help you put those crabs to
    good use.

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