How Can I Gain Weight

Question by Amy
I’m 5’3, 90 pounds, and im NOT anorexic, so dont even go there. I’m naturally skinny, my mother was like that too.

I eat so much, however I’ve such a excessive metabolism i take off weight actually shortly.

I don’t do any sports activities so I’m not burning energy or anything.

Does anybody have any ideas to assist me achieve weight? i eat a LOT of crap meals and nonetheless nothing!

I additionally drink TONS OF MILK, like that’s all i drink, plus vitamin water, and that i HATE consuming meat, I’m sorry I’m positive y’all say it helps me achieve weight however i feel its disgusting. i eat protein bars each day, and that i DO eat wholesome, however i additionally eat numerous snacks.. that’s what i meant when i stated crap sustenance. simply fyi. MORE HELP PLEASE!

Best reply:

Ask your physician. there are in all probability tablets that he/she might offer you that makes your metabolism decelerate.

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  • just a simple girl



  • eat a lot of meat!
    and drink milk

    and workout a lot. so that all that weight will turn into muscle, not fat

  • Samantha



  • Fortune Teller


    eating junk will not help you.

  • enjoy it, later in life youll start gaining more weight

  • jezelias


    Crap food won’t do it… steak is a prime example of a fast track to gaining wait.. but with enough you could probably also get vitamin D poisoning ;P


  • foreverhappilysingle


    Protien shakes!!!!

  • alguien.


    Your body is just built that way, and there’s not much you can do to change it. Eating crap will do nothing for you. It only makes you incredibly unhealthy, and also adds unhealthy fat. What you can do to add some weight is exercise, focusing especially on toning. This will build muscle, which can add some healthy pounds to your body.

    You also have to balance your diet right. Protein can help you build muscle, but don’t overdo it. Too much of anything, healthy or not, is not good for you.

    Whatever you do, don’t take any pills that claim to build muscle faster/help you gain weight. Those things are pure sh-t! Do things the natural way!

    If you hate meat, eat soy meat! There’s a huge variety of the stuff. I also hate meat, and I’ve been a vegetarian for the past 10 years. Soy meat actually isn’t disgusting. It tastes great, and it doesn’t have that nasty stringy stuff that real meat has, LOL.

  • amandy:)


    EAT MORE! 😉 with lots of chocolate 😀

  • 123456432


    lmaooo omg samee problemm right hereeeee.
    im like 5’3 too and i weigh 94 poundss 😐

    i eat and eat and eatt but nothinggg.. my mom says eatingg healthyy helpss to liek lotss of orangesss and vedgeteblesss

    sooo maybe try that ?? 🙂

    -good luck

  • There is a drink called Weight Gain – is a nutritional drink that body builders use to gain weight – it has vitamins and a lot of calories but suppose to be healthy – search the internet

  • Troy (AKA Mule)


    I wouldn’t worry about it as long as you feel good but if you really want to I’d eat alot of protein & carbs.

  • beachblonde


    Try not eating alot of junk food and sticking to healthy foods that contain alot of calories. Dairy products, breads and meats are good ones for that! Don’t forget your veggies and fruits, though!:-) I had a friend like that in high school, and she had to drink Ensure or something on top of eating healthy and it helped her….so good luck!:-) And I admire your desire to want to gain weight when you’re thin……most girls want to lose and do that by harming their bodies…so three cheers to you!!!:-)

  • jazzyfizzle


    to gain weight To gain weight an be healthy you need to consume more calories every day from healthy foods and choose the right types of exercise. so you gain mussle weight not ”fat”

  • Workout a few times a week
    Eat healthy EVERY DAY

    You’ll be on the cover of magazines in no time at all =)

  • ♥★Melissa ★♥


    drink milk and eat some meat and chicken no junk food
    you dont wanna gain weight in the wrong places

  • neilcorre2k6


    you can gain weight by having a regular food eating not too much and have you time sleeping…..

  • Michael J. Caboose


    you maybe, uhh, i dont know… umm EEEEEEEAAAAAATTTTTTT

    …and dont throw up

  • Your best bet is to go to a GNC-type store and buy natural weight-gaining proteins to drink along with your normal diet. Be sure to exercise when taking mass-producing products though. They can as easily turn to fat as to muscle.

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