How Am I Able to Get Actually Skinny?

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I see all these women & ladies with beautiful our bodies & i would like one too..soo diets or train packages to go? meals to keep away from? id say im common ginormous size however i do have some 19 & round 183 lbs..soo helpp?(:

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Enjoy the meals you’re keen on sparsely Eat till you are feeling glad, not full. When ordering out, all the time order a small plate: “Whether it’s espresso, salads, soups, frozen yogurt,”

Don’t eat in entrance of the TV

“If you’re hungry, attain for fiber wealthy snacks that fill you up on much less energy like popcorn, fruit, path combine,”

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8 thoughts on “How Am I Able to Get Actually Skinny?

  • Libbs.x.


    Remember, being stick thin is not ‘beautiful’, I’d much rather be curvy 🙂

  • Austin


    Finger into throat

  • Heather Lindas


    im about 120 too dont worry about the weight just work out do some crunches try jogging with your dog or something and fruits are good stuff

  • Unfaithful


    You are skinny on venus actually…
    However,diet is the answer.

  • Linsey


    Im 15 and im also trying to slim down a little. I used to be really thin and in perfect shape until i had two knee surgeries :(. But anyway i think that you are actually a really good weight. Although if you want to lose a few pounds just cut down on the snacking. Try not to snack on bad stuff or eat a lot inbetween meals. If you are a little hungry try just eating fruits and veggies or maybe some nuts or trail mix. It might sound hard at first but once your body gets used to not snacking all the time it will just become normal. Also when you eat meals eat in moderation! Try to get as close to the correct portion size as possible. Its usually a lot smaller than you think, so jsut try to get as close as possible. Also your plate should have a lot of different colors on it, preferably bright colors. This mean you are getting a lot of nutrients and a balance of different foods. Hope this helps! Good Luck! (:

  • Kasia Macdongle


    dont eat, thats what i do
    just water and you could chew and spit
    this is a bad thing to do but still

  • Heather


    The picture of that model is disgusting. I don’t see any beauty there.

  • I’m trying the paleo diet! Planning to eat people from the tribes in the next valley for tea.

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