How I Lost Belly Fat in 2 Weeks

For those that try to attain an hourglass or extra curvy figure…

My thighs, hips and bust haven’t turn out to be any smaller however I’ve lost 10 inches off my stomach. I’ve lost 4 of these inches off my tummy in simply 2 1/2 weeks..

I have minimize out wheat and added sugar from my restrictive eating. I have some fruit and a SMALL quantity of honey and stevia to sweeten issues, however no cane sugar, no packaged meals with added sugars. I additionally do not eat something with added starches reminiscent of corn starch, tapioca, maltodextrin and so forth. I additionally keep away from alcohol as a lot as doable, it isn’t good for weight reduction or pooch thickset.

I don’t rely my energy, I simply be certain that my meals are low carb, protein-wealthy and are a standard portion dimension.

I train for about forty minutes a day for 6 days per week. I do interval operating for half-hour, which is working for 1 min and walking fast for 1 min. I run at 10.5kph on a 2% incline, or 8.5kph on a 10% incline. I then do about 10-15 of weight machines after which stretch. Sometimes I do some mild swimming on prime of that, primarily for stretching and enjoyable. I additionally use the sauna however I do not assume that counts.

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