How to look more feminine and thin?

Question by whateva: I need to look extra female and skinny!

These are how I look now.




I’ve been getting referred to as plain, pudgy, thickset, manly, and pimply by my grandmother, aunts, and even strangers. I’m H’P”, 32dd-26-35, a measurement A, one hundred thirty five kilos and seven months publish being pregnant. I’m making an attempt to make pounds fall off to be one hundred twenty kilos and a measurement P. I’m already the smallest individual in my household gown measurement sensible, however I nonetheless really feel elephantine and manly. Any assistance on how one can appear to be a lady and make myself look thinner during I end dropping the remainder of this weight? And no i am not breast feeding, so I can weightloss plan with out worrying about my sons well being in that regard.

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Firstly, you aren’t plain, pudgy, brawny, manly, or pimply!

Answering your query, I would advocate shapewear! They’re very snug, they usually hug your determine making you seem slimmer.

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  • hotter standard


    first, get rid of your family. Ignore strangers, and dressing thin is dressing as sexy as possible! More the skin, the more you thin! less is more today! And be proud of yourself!

  • JustBe


    Whoever’s saying this crap to you should be punched. You are BEAUTIFUL, not fat at all, and I honestly don’t know where those insults are even coming from. Your skin seriously looks perfect. Your figure is adorable. You’re petite and cute with a pretty face. If you want to take off some of the pregnancy weight, that’s totally understandable, but anyone who’s saying this sh*t to you really just needs to stuff it. They’re not right, either technically or morally, to be so cruel to you.

  • try to wear black and stripes with vertical lines. I’m sure you’ll look thin there even if you don’t lose weight yet. And when you wear clothes try to wear not fitted once and then pair it with skinny jeans and then wear a little bit of hills if you want, wear high hills. that will make you look taller and thinner.

    Don’t wear fitted clothes if you think you are fat because that will just make yourself fat obviously. And for arms look thinner. , wear shirts that the length is only the thinnest part of your arm will be seen.

    And try to tie your hair. (like ponytail, braid , etc.) that your neck can be seen because that will make you thin and more feminine. πŸ™‚

    i hope my advice is just ok. i do that too so i recommend it. πŸ™‚ thanks!

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