How to Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting – A Simple Tips

Forget about failed diets, these 3 SIMPLE NUTRITIONAL TIPS will CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER.

You don’t have to endure and starve your self to slim down.

Learn and grasp these A easy tricks to eat wholesome, eat proper, and nonetheless love your meals!

Love what you eat, and nonetheless burn elephantine and weight loss.

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17 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting – A Simple Tips

  • Carolina Daltton


    I eat every two or two and a half hours is that okay?
    I dont eat as much as i should eat but i eat like breakfast strawberries an
    banana slices with peanut butter like sandiwch, the 2 hours later i eat 2
    egss, 2 hours later apple slices with peanut butter and almonds sandiwch,
    and things like that because i like to eat little snacks..

  • Serubis


    Thank you so much for the weight loss advise.

    But it’s little bit hard to listen to your educated talking with those
    lovely boobies of yours destructing me by bouncing all over the place.

    O RLY? @[email protected]

  • Thaely Carrasco


    Hello Joanna, can I eat does diet desserts I would say that they have in
    stores which apparently are healthy I would describe as snacks. Well I’m
    here in the U.S.A and I’ve seen those in different brands which are Special
    K, Fiber One, Nutri Grain, and this crakers that are delicious that are
    caleed Nabisco idk if you have heard of these snacks. And they are 90-125
    calories. So can I eat these or not?

  • joshua hudson


    Hello and thank you so much for this video I was 70kg and I was only 11 but
    now I am 50kg and I’m turning 13 :)

  • Keishlyann Marcano


    *Hello there! I’m really satisfied with this product. I lost weight in a
    short period of time without doing killer workouts.*

  • Ne-tan


    this is better than dieting so enormously.

  • Courtney Gannon


    I can’t eat every 3-4 hours because all we have at school is breakfast in
    the morning and then lunch at like 12:00 and then i get home at like 4:00something 

  • Celine Hickey


    I eat and eat and eat and still stay skinny thats the way I am but the
    reasion is I want to get more fitter and more excerise more what do I do to
    get more fimer 

  • memphislulu


    This was very good… I had heard this before but you explained it very
    well. Thx!

  • Travel Leisure Exercise and Pets


    Stop, Don’t do it. But I did it

  • Martha Perry


    I have trouble eating the right ratio of food. Can you do a video showing
    meals between 250 -350 cals with ratios?

  • nhbxxx


    There’s only one trick to lose weight – – pushaways…..push your fat ass
    away from the table.

  • safsaf soso


    That’s shred diet

  • solodolo


    “i know there are diets out there saying that you should cut your carbs,
    but, no..” lmao so simple

  • rose vasquez


    Hi joana, thank god I found you as my fitness mentor.. I had started a
    detox program yesterday but I stopped right away because I know it was very
    unhealthy for me.. it was a lemon juice cleanse. But it says that I cant
    have anything but just the lemon juice. Do you think thats right? Can u
    give me advice about cleansing my digestive system?

  • Rae Dennison


    You said no dieting. I like you :)

  • Michael Boyle


    Thanks for advice! I appreciate your help! I hope your tips will help
    people lose weight. Great accent BTW :)

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