How Can I Lose Weight Quickly?

I just bought a size to small for a dress that I am going to be in a wedding in haha! The problem is that I cant go back to New York and switch it out.

I really do need to move a size down really but you I’m still at school and finals are coming, so there is no time to go to the gym and workout.

I have already started cutting out sweets and I’m already starting to see a difference. The only exercise that I am able to do is jump on my trampoline more. Is there any other ways to lose weight that is quick and easy?

Best reply:

Losing weight quickly and just for the short term can be very unhealthy. It sounds like you are on the right track, but you do need to find more time for exercise and keep looking at your diet to find ways to cut your unhealthy food intake with better things.

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    cutting out sweets + workouts(running etc.) + low fat food before u sleep = weight loss

  • eat breakfast, drink water when you think youre hungry, eat smaller portions, no rice, bread, fatty, oily foods are a no no no and no pop or sweets. only water! and dont eat dinner too late.

  • diet and exercise, but first do a detox process for about a week or two to start training your body on how to eat the right kind of food.

  • exercises

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