How to make myself look thinner?

Question sent to us:
How am i able to make myself look thinner, like a measurement thinner, like which girldes are good? is there anything i can do on prime of that, i have to suck in all of the bulky for an enormous occasion.

@dnt eat my jello, im a man, and that i do plan on dropping ginourmous size , however the occasion is arising actually quickly

Our reply:

Any of the simplest methods to immediately look thinner is to put on flattering colours, particularly black. Darker shades of colours like blue, purple and brown may also assist to cover flaws and create a slimming phantasm. Bright colours draw consideration to whichever space they’re worn on.

Don’t put on a shiny shirt when you’re making an attempt to cover an enormous tummy or giant chest, and avoid brilliant pants when you’ve got an enormous backside and vast hips.

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2 thoughts on “How to make myself look thinner?

  • Sakura


    black make you look like thin

  • First off, I’m glad to see someone actually wanting to take action in changing themselves. (despite that bigger people aren’t necessarily the worst thing in the world) you do what makes you happy or feel what needs to be done. As for losing it/slimming up rather quickly, i can say from personal experience that the link I pasted below provided me probably one of the best and easiest (and quickest) methods to do so. Best of luck, and remember that it’s as easy as you make it! I highly suggest checking this out though, you won’t be disappointed!

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