How to Pick Men’s Fashions That Make You Look Thinner

Create a picture that makes you’re feeling comfy, cool, and assured.

Step One: Find materials that skim the physique
Find materials that skim your physique with out bunching or clinging, to keep away from rolls and lumps that embarrass. Lighter-weight wools and different materials clean your look.

Step Two: Draw them to your face
Draw consideration away out of your center by avoiding sloped shoulders that draw the sight down. Emphasize your fortitude with tailor-made, padded shoulders.

Step Three: Take weight off
Create a slimmer look with traces that skinny you out or strong colours that appear to take away mass. Be cautious with patterns or loud colours that solely draw consideration to your spherical form.

Step Four: Wear low-rise pants
Wear pants which have a shorter distance between waist and crotch, and should not worn across the waist however on the hips. Don’t put on a waist dimension that, if too tight, will shorten your legs because it distends your waistline.

Go gentle on ostentatious jewellery, French cuffs, huge cuff hyperlinks, and something that overemphasizes your imposing heft.

Step Five: Stock v-necks
Stock up on v-neck sweaters that draw consideration to your chest and never the double chin. Turtlenecks will make you seem like a squat, rotund turtle. Wear shirts with pointed collars that will even change the impression of thickness.

Straighten your posture. Make it a behavior to face erect, and taller.

Step Six: Choose three-button blazers
Choose three-button blazers, which can maintain you in higher, slightly than a two-button that may let the mid part dominate. Open the highest button to look informal and never restricted by the jacket; keep away from double vents in again, which make the underside appear wider.

Step Seven: Choose monochrome
Choose much less contrasting colours for shirts and pants. Wear a conservative belt with out attempting to squeeze your tummy in, which by no means works. Enjoy the slimmed-down look you have created.

9 thoughts on “How to Pick Men’s Fashions That Make You Look Thinner

  • DickHead69able


    @Danielchicken turning you on? i know it gave me some serious wood!

  • EpicGligarmanII


    stand erect lol wut should b erect my dik…

  • xAeternus


    LOL low rise pants= low riders ROFL

  • DunWannaTellMyName


    This was actually a good video 🙂

  • shirey812


    1:29 I think that guy had his neck slit. There is a scar.

  • RebirthWoWGuild


    I actually have issue looking too thin at my height, taller you get easier
    to look too thin

  • Rag3hawk


    OR, if your a slightly fat teen: find a pair of skinny jeans that fit
    comfortably, so that it kind of squeezes all the fat on your legs making
    your legs seem slightly skinnier but don’t get one to the point were you
    almost cant get them on. 2: Get a sorta of baggy/big shirt that when you
    walk your belly fat doesn’t show, it always works for me and makes me feel
    less embarrassed walking around with a huge belly sticking out.

  • AussiePoker King


    Step 9 – go out with the biggest heffer u can find, then u will seem
    thinner in comparrison And i love the advice to wear V neck sweaters, i
    love V neck sweaters i wear them all day everyday, even to sleep they are
    just so awesome.

  • Black Rose



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