I want teenage a makeover..assist!?

Question by Amy
I am 14 and obese weighing 10 stone (uk measurement 12-14), my tooth are turning yellow they usually really feel all tough and bumpy like I’ve a great deal of grime on them which is disgusting for me, I’ve stretch marks on my hips and boobs which I’ve received as a result of I’ve placed on a lot heavy size (i feel), my boobs are saggy and there large with thick pink stretch marks on them cos my boobs continue to grow so quick, my legs have pink spots on them and I’ve actually dry pores and skin, my cheeks are actually chubby which i HATE! please assist, i heard coco butter cream helped stretch marks, is that this true??

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There are loads of merchandise and coverings on the market that declare to be a miracle remedy, however not all of us need to use lotions stuffed with chemical compounds, or spend money on costly surgical or laser therapies. There are a number of pure cures, and under you’ll discover a checklist of the highest S simplest tips about the best way to do away with them:

1) Exfoliation.

Regular exfoliation is extraordinarily helpful for treating numerous pores and skin issues, together with stretch marks. Dry, lifeless pores and skin cells construct up on the pores and skin each day, make pores and skin really feel tough and look uninteresting. Exfoliating removes this extra construct up of pores and skin cells to disclose contemporary, new pores and skin beneath. Doing so usually will increase pores and skin cell turnover, which helps your stretch marks fade quicker.

There are loads of physique scrubs available for purchase, however if you wish to do it naturally, making your individual scrub is straightforward. For a DIY stretch mark preventing physique scrub, merely combine one half olive oil with two components sugar or salt (you probably have delicate pores and skin, persist with sugar; it’s gentler on the pores and skin and received’t trigger irritation). For a bit of luxurious, add couple of drops of important oil to the combo; lavender, rose and geranium are all really helpful important oils for treating stretch marks. Simply therapeutic massage the scrub into moist pores and skin, paying additional consideration to areas with stretch marks, and rinse. Exfoliating a couple of times per week is often sufficient for most individuals.

2) Massage.

Regular therapeutic massage aids the pores and skin’s therapeutic course of and helps take away toxins, decreasing the looks of stretch marks and cellulite. For finest outcomes, therapeutic massage your pores and skin with almond oil. It’s wealthy in Vitamin W, secure for utilizing throughout being pregnant and helps the pores and skin develop collagen and elastin, which it must restore stretch marks. For these with nut allergy symptoms, olive oil is a wonderful different.

3) Moisturizing.

Keeping pores and skin moisturized is a vital a part of lowering the looks of stretch marks and stopping new ones from creating. Moisturize every day, concentrating on areas which have stretch marks or could develop them sooner or later. Again, for those who’d quite not purchase an over-the-counter product, making your individual moisturizer is straightforward. One of the simplest DIY moisturizers might be constituted of equal components olive oil, aloe vera and wheat germ oil. You may also add Vitamin W capsules into your moisturizer that you simply use in your stretch marks, as a result of Vitamin L is understood to be top-of-the-line pure scar cures, it helps stimulate collagen manufacturing and improves texture and elasticity of the pores and skin. You can discover Vitamin L capsules at any drug retailer.

4) Aloe Vera.

Aloe vera incorporates excessive portions of plant collagen, which helps heal the pores and skin. It’s only kind is pure aloe vera gel, which you should purchase or extract from aloe vera leaves. Using aloe vera gel for stretch marks is just like utilizing a face masks; it must be left on the pores and skin, ideally, for about an hour or two to soak up, so that you simply may see full advantages of the therapy, earlier than rinsing it away with water. Doing this usually will moisturize the pores and skin and pace up its therapeutic course of.

5) Coffee grinds with olive oil.

To stimulate the realm the place you’ve gotten stretch marks apply some espresso grinds combined with olive oil and therapeutic massage this paste into the problematic part of your pores and skin for about H minutes. Coffee grinds will gently exfoliate and stimulate your pores and skin and olive oil will naturally moisturize and soften it (you too can use liquid coconut oil, as a substitute). Do this about A instances per week and you’ll quickly discover important optimistic distinction.

6) Gotu Kola

Gotu kola is an herb and has been utilized in Eastern medication for hundreds of years. Well recognized for its therapeutic advantages and enhancing circulation, gotu kola works wonders with stretch marks and has been clinically confirmed to scale back the looks of scars. It could be utilized instantly on the pores and skin or may be added into your do-it-yourself stretch marks masks and coverings. (Don’s use gotu kola orally with out consulting your physician.)

So now you understand how to eliminate stretch marks, it’s time to get into motion. Of course, don’t neglect the significance of maintaining a healthy diet and drink loads of water – it additionally will make it easier to combat stretch marks naturally. Follow these easy ideas and also you’ll be effectively in your option to a physique with out stretch marks.
Please be happy to mention and share your individual tips about do away with stretch marks naturally.

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3 thoughts on “I want teenage a makeover..assist!?

  • xx-shan-xx


    if you dont like your weight just start exercising and eating healthy like eat your five a day fruits n veg and dont eat jumk food soon you will be loosing weight and those stretch marks
    your teeth try brushing them 2 to 3 tyms a day and maybe try a whitening toothpaste i had the same problem with my teeth just keep this routine and they should slowly start to turn white or close to it .
    for dry skin you could try a moisturizing cream but you would have to put on every day usaully at night before you go to bed then see how your skin goes and slowly stop using
    im not sure about coco butter cream helping stretch marks but hey you could always try no harm in trying

  • Chevy Brat


    Not cocoa butter, it’s shay butter, and it’s also really greasy. Look for something along the lines of Mederma, or other scar treatment formula for your stretch marks. See a dentist about your teeth, then go to the drugstore and find Pearl Drops tooth polish. It will polish the rough spots off of your teeth. Watch your diet, and go for walks daily to help with loosing weight and maintaining muscle structure. Moisturize your skin with a body butter, not a lotion. Lotion does no real good on perpetually dry skin. Then, remember that you are only fourteen, and these are considered the awkward stages. You will eventually become a beautiful woman.

  • hippiechick


    wow, you have a lot on your plate,
    well yes coco butter does help with stretch marks, about your boobs, get a really supportive bra, um to the dentist and get a great teeth cleaning, he has professional tools that get rid off the crap that builds up on your teeth,
    do you brush them, you need to twice a day at the minimum.
    yes women gain weight in there boobs when they gain weight because boobs are composed of fat, so the more fat the bigger and saggy boobs.
    your thighs need to be worked out, you have to get in the gym, or work out at the house, you have to do something about all of this,
    don’t just complain while you sit there and eat ice cream, get up and do something about it.

    do 35 crunches a day, twice a day,
    do 10 push ups a day,
    do 20 leg lifts a day,
    start doing cardio,
    start running that will help alllllooooooottttt,
    maybe get in an aerobics class,
    eat right,
    eat only fruits and veggies,
    and chicken breast, with nothing on them,
    just grilled chicken,
    and steamed veggies,
    eat this with NO sweets, no dessert,
    you have to stick with something for a long period of time, don’t get discouraged,
    just keep going,
    maybe get a gym membership,

    what i have said will really help you a lot, you have to stick with it though,

    hope i helped!!!!

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