I need weight loss help fast!?

Question sent in to us: I want weight reduction assist quick!?

Okay so I have church camp I’m 3 weeks and so it is going to be the primary time seeing a ton of individuals in a yr. I am additionally going to be assembly this man I had an enormous factor with awhile again and we nonetheless speak and so I need to look good for him as a result of it is going to be the primary time meet in individual. I need to lose about 20 lbs which say it is unhealthy however I do not care I simply need to unfastened that in 3 weeks and I do not actually care if it comes again.. So what weight-reduction plan and what exercising ought to I do. I can keep dedicated belief me. Please assist

>Well, do not do something to hurt your self. Only get natural and wholesome issues and train!

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  • NicTurtle


    Its hard to do, but I lost 15lbs in a month.
    I did Jillian Michel’s Last chance workout every other day. You can find it on demand I think or on Itunes. Some days I didn’t want to do that, so a couple of times I would substitute in cardioke which you can also find in the same places or on youtube. It is really fun. Also I ran for 30 minutes after I did the workout. It wasn’t constant running, but when I got tired, I would walk for 2 minutes, then run for four. Then walk, then run, etc.
    I allowed myself to have one “cheat day” where I could eat a bad food, but NOT too much of it.
    Other than that, eat 5 smaller meals a day, that way you are never hungry. I gave up soda & I really had to try to drink water instead of other stuff.
    It wasn’t too hard & I lost 15lbs!!!

  • ♥love@n!me&@rt&c0L0rs♥


    First start off by eating breakfast EVERY MORNING. I’m telling you a perfect routine, so as crazy as it may sound, just listen. Now like I said, eat every morning, and atleast 200-300 calories. Make sure you feel full, not bloated, but ready to go. Drink lots of water in the morning and throughout the day, and ATLEAST one glass every hour. This will keep your metabolism going and burning, and you will simply loose more pounds.
    Then when eating lunch, don’t eat over 500-600 calories, and once again lots of water.
    For dinner stick with 600-700. Drink 2 glasses of water before/during/after dinner. Please DO NOT allow yourself to feel bloated from drinking water, it is an estimate of how much you should drink.
    Also, along with the above, excerise everyday for ATLEAST 30 minutes, 50 max. Do running, lifting weights, crunches, or a variation of all in some way. Do it to the point where you feel worked out, NOT strained. DO NOT hurt yourself, that will not help.
    Keep that up, and watch your eating, and you will be fine in 2 weeks. ;D
    Limit sugar intake to one snack& one soft drink a day.

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