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I’ve been quite lazy with my blog and really haven’t been dedicated to it. But I feel really motivated to get it up and running, especially after going to Adsense In Your City in Melbourne last Wednesday (29/02/2012). I’ll talk about that in this post. This whole post is gonna be a bit of a ramble about a few different things, so sorry in advance!

I know a few of my Youtube subscribers read (well, view, it was basically just photos and links up until now) my blog, but I only have 1 follower! So if you could actually follow my blog, that would be great 😀 (yeah, that’s my version of begging). I need to make a bigger, clearer link to my blog in my Youtube banner. I really dislike the new YouTube channel design! Now for partners, instead of uploading a channel banner, you have to “push down” the top of the channel and make your banner as part of your background image, which means it has to be lesser quality. Oh and my background doesn’t appear big enough anymore, like they’ve made the whole channel wider. But anyway…

I told you this was gonna be a rambly random post.

So first thing is that I started the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. PWOH! It’s freakin’ hard. The side lunges while raising my arms up and down with the weights KIILLLLL me. But the thing is that I started it when I was sick with a cold, so I only lasted 3 days. I put up a YouTube video about it. I’m going to start again tonight, so I’m not sure what to do with YouTube. I know people are gonna roll their eyes if I put up a video like “30 day shred day 1 (AGAIN)”… I have a fair amount of haters on YouTube who love to point out every single time I “fail”. But yeah, I genuinely was really sick. You can hear in the video my nose is all stuffed up. I tried to push through, but I started to get even more sick so I stopped. I headed straight to the student clinic at my University (I’m doing a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy) and got some strong herbal medicine. As Naturopaths and student Naturopaths, we have access to practitioner only products, like herbs extracted in alcohol. You sure won’t find those on the chemist shelf! They taste seriously foul… lol… really, really, REALLY… foul. I’m assuming it helped though, because I’m not sick anymore. That’s why I really wanna start the 30 Day Shred again. So I guess I’ll put up another video explaining what I just typed and put up with the criticism. I’ll also announce the winners of the NYRC, I know that’s taken me WAY too long and the contestants haven’t bitched at me at all… you guys really should be by now lol. But seriously, I’m sorry for that and I shall announce the winners.

I look awful. I need to start making more effort in my appearance in my videos, lol.

and here’s a pic of the herbal medicine:


Herbal Medicine for my cold

5ml 4x per day


So, I guess I’ll move onto Adsense In Your City.

I got an invite in my e-mail, telling me to go to this page and register my details, then I got an e-mail saying see you there on Wednesday.

It was a bloody nightmare to get there! I was so late. I go to the city every day for Uni but I don’t really go to the area of the city that the Marriott Hotel is in. The first issue was when I missed the train… so I decided to drive in and try to find this outdoor parking place that I discovered a couple of weeks ago that’s really cheap, $12 for 12 hours I think it was. I now know it’s on Franklin St, but I didn’t realise at the time and got a bit lost. Then I finally found it and had to try and get a tram to Exhibition St and the tram drivers gave me all these complicated directions that I couldn’t remember. But long story short, after about 5 different tram rides and a bit of walking and asking people where the Marriott is, I got there!

I arrived at about 5PM and it started at 4:30, but the woman at the desk said they didn’t start too long ago. Some dude took my photo, I walked in and sat down and they gave me a feedback form and a little Adsense booklet. There were a bunch of powerpoint presentations on CTR, page RPM, etc etc, and a couple of YouTube videos of Adsense success stories… that was about it. It seemed to go on and on and on. I probably only felt that way because I’m primarily a YouTube Partner and it has NOTHING helpful for Partners AT ALL. So, if you’re a partner, and you think of going, DON’T BOTHER unless you also have a blog or website of some kind. I decided to hang around just in case my 1:1 Optimization Session would be helpful (“speed dating” as the Google speakers called it), so I had some champagne and… well… no food, because it was all meat. The only thing that wasn’t meat were some eggy things, and I don’t eat battery eggs, which they would be. I was sooo hungry, hadn’t eaten anything all day, lol. Everyone else chowed down without a second thought, of course.

ANYWAY. My optimization session was with a woman called Amelia. She looked young, like 20s, and she was really smily and friendly. Basically there were about 6 Google staff who were doing it and they called out our names 1 by 1 and then we each had a 5-10 minute session. I saw Amelia talking to someone else and I knew instantly I wanted to talk to her, ’cause she just seemed the warmest and most understanding, which I need because my online content… is… well, pretty embarrassing in “the real world”. I don’t care about what I put online, when I’m online, if you get what I mean. Because people watching me are usually people who are interested in weight loss and food and such things.. and they’re familiar with the whole youtube-weight-loss-vlogging stuff. But in the real world, most people just would not get it and I reeeeaaally wouldn’t want people in the street (or people I know) to see me and then see my YouTube stuff, lol. By the way, sorry about my poor grammar (dot dot dots and lols etc), but I’ve just decided to type here as if I were typing to someone on messenger. I’m definitely not robotic or proper on YouTube, so I don’t want my blog to come across that way either.

So, um, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, Adsense, lol. So when I sat down with Amelia and showed her my stuff, she was very supportive and totally not judgemental at all, very encouraging and open minded… so my impression of her when I very first saw her was right and I was glad I hung around her table and spoke to her over anyone else. Basically she said that I have a lot of views on YouTube and a good following, so I should really direct some of that traffic to my blog and start using it regularly, because I could really increase my revenue by a lot if I had even half of the traffic from my channel coming to my blog. She also showed me where I should put my ads and what sizes to use for maximum impact and told me to get a domain name rather than use my long-and-complicated blogger address, so I did! She also told me to look out for Adsense for Images (but not any time soon). That’d be really cool if you could make money off your original images… I’m not exactly sure how it’d work though, especially since I usually just link my photos from Flickr.

Anyway, that’s all I really have to say about the whole thing. It was good, but not suited to partners. Oh, and it was 98% men, which I found weird, because my niche, if you can call it that, is mostly dominated by women (weightloss, food, cooking, recipes, fitness etc).


So I’ll leave it at that for this post…

My plan for this blog is basically gonna be a hub for my YouTube videos, Flickr photos and blog posts. I’m going to do “What I Ate Today” posts almost every day, which I started doing on Flickr anyway. So I’ll take a photo of most things I eat and discuss what exercise I did (and hopefully how much weight I lost at the end of each week!). Also I’ll blog about some other random stuff that happens in my life… basically the same as what I do on YouTube.

So thanks for reading and please follow!!! <3

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