Jennifer Lawrence Photoshopped to Look Thinner?

Is it any surprise so many little ladies are rising up with physique picture points? Like somebody on Tumblr stated, I hope stuff like this makes ladies understand how ridiculous the media is.

LOOK: They stretched her neck, thinned her arms and waist, chiseled her cheekbones, contoured her thighs, and lowered her hairline. They in all probability did extra, however I must cease now as a result of I may get sick.

If style journal wizards assume that is obligatory for Jennifer Lawrence, a paragon of magnificence by societal norms, how are probably the most beautiful ladies we all know — our daughters — purported to really feel?

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21 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence Photoshopped to Look Thinner?

  • winsevenholic


    Nice video Josh :)

  • lisa lopez


    Nice video I hope you know she cut all of her hair off so basically her
    hair is boy short and I don’t like it 

  • Pink90Cess


    I love your advice. 

  • mmattstokess


    You’re awesome man.

  • EverySongEndsStudios


    Great advice. Yeah I highly doubt Jennifer approved this, she was more
    likely pissed when she found out they did it.

  • FezUsocrazy


    Yo dude, I just want to say that you’re really great and that before and
    after video you did about your intense workout challenge was one of the
    things that inspired me to work out.
    But I agree that we are not meant meant to look how magazines tell us to
    look, and what they did to JeLaw was just too much, she is already so
    beautiful (And hot) and being so knit-picky as to photoshop her that way is
    just too much, I don’t think she would ever approve of this. It’s kinda the
    same thing they do to make celebrities look worse in those articles about
    people looking fat or worst bodies or things like that, which is just plain
    ridiculous and incredibly insulting

  • Kay Brown


    She even said that she wanted to be a role model for young girls so that
    they would feel like they didn’t need to be a twig to become a star. I
    don’t think she approved of the photo.

  • impacto Gaming


    I don’t think their goal was to make her look thinner, but just to make the
    clothes look a little tighter, really not that big of a deal

  • sketcher jay


    Jen is gorgeous as she is and her size is perfect. she doesn’t believe in
    being skinny, she believes in being strong and healthy!

  • MikeyJayyy


    All just part of the magazine-making process. The celebs don’t have
    anything to do with it after the shoot.

  • Brittanny Taylor


    Celebrities have no choice in what happens to the photos when published in

  • wyatt Scruggs


    So he still looks good

  • SocKedPuppet


    Celebrities know they get Photoshopped, and most of them are ok with it. I
    really cannot understand why its that big of a deal. This is an image of a
    celebrity. There is an entire crew of people that work towards achieving
    this image. Numerous stylists, makeup artists, photographers, etc. Its not
    just the Photoshop that prevents her from looking like an average person.

  • jennythemonster!


    waaaaaaahh i love you

  • Good advice. But only if you have, at least in my case, a mirror that’s
    totally fogged up. Otherwise . . . well, let’s not go there. :-)

  • Treebard


    I think she’s prettier with some meat on her bones, just like I think you
    look better now than you did all muscled-out. Just my 2 cents. :)

  • shiznak55


    she didnt approve of it.

  • Lelly27


    Miss Representation. You guys should watch that documentary.

  • LordDecapo


    Didnt even have to watch it just to see the original picture is sexier then
    the photoshoped

  • ChopsticksLoveMe


    They aren’t the ones doing the editing of the photo and all the images are
    photoshopped which is disappointing because so many people become
    desensitized by this unachievable digital beauty, when these very
    attractive celebs cannot even attain what they deem perfection. 

  • AndreasSheiLT


    at the end of the day, magazines want to sell.. and how do they sell?? by
    putting stereotypically “beautiful” people on the cover.
    Jen Lawrence probably had no idea that they would photoshop her body to
    look thinner, but even if she did i doubt that she’d be able to say
    anything cz the truth is, she doesn’t own any of the photo’s copyrights.
    they belong to the photographer and the magazine, so they can do whatever
    they want with it.

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