Kinds of Jeans make thighs look thinner?

Question sent to us: Which Kinds of Jeans make thighs look thinner?

I’m a man and I REALLY hate my thighs.  the issue is that they are not portly, they’re actually muscly although and large and with most pants I look shorter and wider then regular (I’m H,A – 120lbs) so I REALLY do not like wanting shorter then I am Its complicated as a result of I do not work out in any respect, I simply have an enormous quantity of muscle in my thighs I’m assuming its as a result of i am in all probability a mesomorph, I do not know however i do not care both

I simply need to know What sort of Jeans make thighs look thinner. I do put on skinny denims, however I need to know if there different choices

Our Best reply:
Wear skinny denims..they’ll do wonders.

What are your thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Kinds of Jeans make thighs look thinner?

  • Carolina King


    you should try skinny jeans

  • FireCracker


    Well, I have the same problem as you and I’m a female. You should stay away from light colored jeans and wear darks. Try skinny jeans in a dark color and boot cut jeans in a dark color as well. I find that light color jeans makes me look wider but yet I still buy them because I love jeans with holes!

  • Leo Addie


    heyy for one guys in skinny jeans is hawwt ok? lol im 14 btw lmao ok wear dark colored ones.. either super dark denim or black.. never do any tooo bright colors or white.dont wear flare jeans ok? they might make you look even shorter and wider kay? if it is possible maybe you could try on a pari of cargo shorts… in khaki, a belt that not skinny or way to fat , but have it long and dont slip the excess belt materail in ur loops just let it hang. these should NOT be worn baggy they are already enoguh lol… these sometimes make you lok muscular.. but the good muscular not the fat way lol.. pair this is a v-neck. idk what your hair color is or anything but either a darker teal or blue/gray or blue/green thats dark.. or a plum or super light purple. if you look reaaly good on top try a white v-neck. lol sorry kinda off topic lol. another thing on the bottom… try to wear the pants either only a little lose or skinny jean tight. kay? dont go overly baggy or this may gove an illusion of being fat. you could also try some trip pants.. look them up on they are kinda pricey but if you have a hot topic in your mall you should go try a pair on to see how it looks… hope this helped 🙂

  • Lisa H


    a mid rise jean, dark wash, straight leg with minimal distressing is your best bet for making you look thinner.

    avoid jeans that have lots of distressing on them, they will only highlight your thighs.

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