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In the past, it hasn’t always been easy to make friends with salad: Those leafy greens are often misunderstood. They’ve gained a bad rep as bland diet food. Or they’ve been dressed up so much with fatty dressing and calorie-laden toppings that they start to make a burger and fries look healthy. Now’s the time to change all that and renew that relationship with salad. It’s national salad month and LA Weight Loss is pleased to present weight-loss recipes from its Soup & Salad cookbook to ensure Americans get on better terms with their greens. Try these tips for a salad makeover and lose weight fast with LA Weight Loss.

Make gorgeous greens: At the next get-together, be a thoughtful guest and offer to bring a salad. Not only does this make the host/hostess’ preparations easier, but also ensures there’s at least one healthy alternative to the mayonnaise-drenched potato and pasta dishes masquerading as salads. To make salads more delicious, beautiful and healthy, only add dressing right before serving. This helps keep the salad from getting soggy. Similarly, unless adding whole cherry or grape tomatoes, add watery tomato wedges right before tossing and serving.

Meet a salad with personality: A salad doesn’t have to be the boring option on the dinner table. Try a twist on the traditional by bringing a Strawberry & Melon or Spaghetti Squash Salad from the Soup & Salad cookbook. Or add pizzazz to a simple garden salad by making dressing instead of bringing a bottle of the store-bought stuff. Try making some Yogurt Dill or Sweet & Sour Dressing from the cookbook. In a pinch, emulsify some fruit juice – like orange or pineapple – with a touch of vegetable oil and honey or nutmeg. To mix greens with less mess, refrigerate in a large, sealable plastic bag. When ready to serve, drizzle the dressing directly into the bag. Seal the bag and shake everything up for evenly coated greens.

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