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Would all physique elements turn out to be smaller if u scale back ur fat size?? particularly thighs, butt and breast??

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If you are “pear formed” (carry fat size in hips & thighs) you will first lose your boobs. So in the event you lose heavy size too shortly you may find yourself with scrawny arms & chest & thunder thighs .. :W .. or it’d simply SEEM that method, despite the fact that you are in all probability smaller than different individuals general!

If you are “apple formed” (carry heavy size in your midsection) you will lose fat size in your stomach. The outcomes are extra seen, since you will not be spilling over your pants anymore …

Dieting simply makes u really feel weak … power coaching will make you are feeling extra energized … and make your physique look extra in proportion .. & much less squishy within the mirror … as you lose heavy size & achieve muscle!

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  • LizzieGirl


    Yes, all body parts would be reduced. Walking is safe for all ages and a lower caloric intake, along with the walking, are the medical recommendations. (check with your doctor.)

    Some body types (apple or pear) will tend to become smaller sooner in certain areas but the weight will still come off. I know you want the weight to come off FAST but the tried and true method is exercise and reduced calories. Obesity and anorexia are serious health problems. Try for a goal of something in-between.

    And good luck!!

    P.S. I had breast reduction at age 50 (I am 61) and I wish
    I had had it done when I was 19 or 20.

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