Makeup that makes your face look thinner?

If you’ve ever seen celebrities with out make-up look unrecognizable, then you know the way transformative sure strategies could be. These simple make-up methods can take 10 kilos off your look, immediately — they’re optical illusions!

1. When it involves make-up, darkish shades recede, during mild colours carry options ahead. To use this concept to your benefit, you’ll want a contour colour or matte bronzer one or two shades deeper than your pores and skin tone and a luminous highlighter that’s a bit lighter than your complexion. You can use cream or powder textures, or a mix of the 2. No matter which components you select, remember to use a make-up brush to mix — streaky contour make-up is a serious don’t.

2. Create the mirage of thinner cheeks by making use of your contour shade in a diagonal line from the middle of your cheek to the ear. Make a slight “fish face” when you do that to determine the proper placement, and don’t overlook to mix. The increased you place your contour shade, the sharper your cheekbones will look. Swipe highlighter throughout the tops of the cheekbones to essentially deliver out the contour.

3. Fake a thinner nostril: swipe a contour powder down the edges of the bridge of your nostril (cease earlier than you get to the nostrils). Blend highlighter down the bridge of your nostril in a vertical line.

4. To by no means have a double chin in pictures once more, apply bronzer alongside your jawline to outline the world. Blend the shade to create a seamless contour.

5. Play up your eyes, and depart your lips pure with a tinted balm or gloss. Full lips can emphasize roundness on the face, however eyes made to look giant with make-up will make the remainder of the face seem smaller as compared.

6. Choose the precise eyebrow form. A larger, extra pronounced arch helps stability out a spherical face by vertically stretching its look.

7. Highlight the middle of your face. Blend highlighter between your brows, on the bridge of the nostril, on the Cupid’s bow above your higher lip and within the heart of your chin. This approach will assist carry these options ahead to downplay the width of your face.

8. Don’t overlook your brow! Blend your contour shade into the temples and across the hairline to emphasise the angles of your bone construction.

4 thoughts on “Makeup that makes your face look thinner?

  • Emma


    Using an eyeshadow, a little darker than your skin tone (not shimmery or anything) lightly blend it around the contours of your face, like below your cheek bones to give your face a gaunt look, if you want to look extra tired and unhealthy try adding that same darker color under your eyes on your eyelids. Make sure to blend everything really well as to prevent it from looking fake.
    Hope this helps, good luck with your video! 🙂

  • Rachel Hab


    Get a bronzer that is around 3 shades darker then your normal skin tone and then contour your face with it. If you go on YouTube they have some good videos on how to contour if u need them!

  • Madison


    You are playing the roll of someone with an eating disorder then makeup will do the trick! Usually such disorders like this have side effects of being very week so you could definitely go a couple shades lighter in you foundation so that you can look very pale! For the lips go for a very nude shade don’t make it the color of your skin just one or two shades darker. For the complexion of the face try to slim it down even though you’re already thin I would say to add bronzer down your cheek bones (with a matte finish) and it will make you look like a different person. Good luck!

  • Jennifer De Reyes


    Contouring! 😀
    You can use either bronzer, or a matte powder, 4-6 shades darker than your skintone.
    Suck in your cheeks (FISHY-FACE. 🙂 and then underneath your cheekbones, wherever it looks more sunken in with your cheeks like that, sweep the powder all the way to the edge of your face. I know what I’m saying doesn’t make any sense, so I’m going to post a video in the source box on how to contour your cheek bones 🙂 It’s really informative 🙂

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