Prescribed Weight Loss Pills in Iowa?

Question by Meaghan Sanchez:
I have been to some doctors, however they are saying i ought to simply proceed understanding on a regular basis and maintaining a healthy diet… which I am already doing! The problem is that I simply need to drop 30 lbs, and quickly.

Sadly, I cant discover any physician who will prescribe me something 🙁

Are there any doctors you already know of please let me know!


Best reply:

Only fools who need to achieve the load again inside A weeks stoops to DRUGS. That what it’s velocity. Just get off your butt and begin strolling and stroll increasingly more and extra and you may lose with out even weight-reduction plan very a lot. Eliminate nothing out of your weightloss plan simply in small parts.


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One thought on “Prescribed Weight Loss Pills in Iowa?

  • Sur La Mer


    I do not recommend them.

    Pills sold as weight-loss supplements are not government-approved. Many formulas include herbs and other ingredients that may or may not aid in losing weight, but can trigger dangerous side effects.

    Oprah is a good candidate for the best diets money can buy. Look at her now!

    If you want to lose weight, there’s no magic potion or concoction to get you there. A healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise is the only way to shed pounds.

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