Can I lose weight if I Fast?!?!

Okay.. i’ve asked a few questions about if/how much weight i could lose if i would fast for 10 days to 20 days (or 30 days).
The weird thing is exactly half of the answers say i’ll lose a ton of weight and die and the other half say i’ll lose nothing and just keep getting fatter while i’m fasting.

So which one is it? Will i lose an insane amount of weight or gain an insane amount of weight?

Best answer:
You will lose weight while your starving yourself .. but as soon as you start eating again you’ll gain all the weight back and more, the reason for this is because your body stores any food it gets and it turns into fat … another problem with this is that your losing muscle and not fat, so you give yourself a risk for serious health problems.

The best way to lose weight is to do cardio and eat healthy .. it sucks but that’s the only healthy way and only way that your weight lose will stick
another thing to remember is that when you fast you are starving your body of nutrients and vitamins, which only means bad things for you … i don’t suggest doing it

3 thoughts on “Can I lose weight if I Fast?!?!

  • well if you don’t die in those few days when yo start eating again you come insanely obese and sick. so think about it. would you rather die and be skinny or live and be normal?

  • J. Fara To


    dude that’s a long fast…..
    that’s not safe at all.
    you’ll prolly lose like 1-2 ibs…. (that’s not a lot).
    it’s better to watch your meal proportions, lots of fruits and water, and exercise..
    Yeah… NOT SAFE. losing 1-3 ibs is not a lot. not worth risking your health.

  • Misunderstood


    You will lose weight, you will have to cut off all the junk/unhealthy foods.

    No sugar, candy, soda, etc.

    Just drink water.

    Over time you’ll lose a good amount of weight.

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