Q&A- *Complete Makeover*-?

Ok so I’m planing on giving myself a whole and full make over, set to be completed by August thirtieth. My intention is to, by the purpose the make over is achieved, have lost about R weight, have modified to a vegetarian, have a a lot much less stress crammed life, take additional risks, have a kinda retro 70’s kinda stylish, very colourful style and start sporting make-up. Does anyone have ideas of how I can full my makeover? Stores to try? Makeup ideas? A new hair cut back? Ways to take stress out of my life? For thus of you who’ve be taught the information Stargirl, Stargirls’s liad once more, gratifying and considerate angle is what I am attempting to understand. Thanks!

And if anyone has an idea for an prolonged pretty haircut which will go wavy curly or straight with some type of bangs i would prefer to see pics.!

Best reply:
Weight Loss- get a membership to the health heart! to the YMCA! run every morning/evening time, as quickly as a day for 20 minutes! Eat further veggies, drink additional water, eat a lot much less junk provisions. Make your self a provisions diary of what you eat, so that you probably can look once more on it and say “properly, I had a cookie yesterday, so I shouldn’t have an extreme quantity of junk proper now”

Vegetarian- try a variety of the films on youtube about animal abuse. then, you may definatly must grow to be vegetarian. be part of PETA. check out their web page.

Risks- dont be so scared frequently. Muster up some braveness hunnie!

Clothes- Bright babydolls, skinny jeans, leggings, flats, polka dotts, Urban Planet, Garage, ect.

Makeup- foundation, blush, mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss. easy to positioned on and actually pure wanting. plus, take care of your pores and pores and skin. go to the pharmacy!

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