Fast way to lose weight?

I actually dont care if its wholesome or not..i simply want a strategy to lose it. i cant stand how im all the time so chubby and understanding takes waay to lengthy to take impact. assist?

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You should join a gym or a fitness club. WOrking out will help you lose weight

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  • ~♥~♥~♥ ThE GoDdEsS ♥~♥~♥~


    There is no fast way. You didnt put it on fast so you can’t take it off fast.Duh?

  • thats just stupid u say that now then u’d wish u hadn’t.

  • Leah & Taylor


    Instead of crash dieting or not eating at all try eating many small proptioned meals throughout the day. It will keep you full enough to keep you from snacking and is proven to show results. Do a google search on propotioned diets to figuar out some more information. This diet is a take on the popular celebrity favorite: the zone diet. Try this link get more information.

  • Angie


    Even if u lose the weight healthy or not to keep it off u must exercise. Most people don’t like to but we have to but make it fun. Don’t just do the jogging play a sport. Go swimming (burns a lot of cal. u have to move every muscle in your body). Play flag football with friends, go biking, dancing( in a club, at home by yourself). Do anything and it will help. Its no use to look fine and sexy and next thing u know u drop dead of a heart attack because of an unsafe way fo losing weight. Please don’t think mag or most models are the norm because they are not. Get to a healthy weight for yourself the right way. Most of us have to deal with this everyday. I’m short, very blessed on top no skinning mini and where I am from u always eating good creole food (Louisiana). So don’t think u r alone. Good luck and take care of yourself. 1 thing any models don’t have is a shape thank your lucky stars that u do. God bless u.

  • tabatha b


    by running and drinking tons of water and eating lots of fruit and veggies

  • Mila



  • hottiemama


    go on teh biggest loser

  • trusty crusty


    read tips on faster weight loss and exercise programs on this site

  • Balu


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  • jong jong


    If you really want to lose some weight, you have to EARNED it by not trying to be lazy and work out daily. You can’t wait for a miracle to happen, just exercise diligently. If you are really lazy, then there is nothing we can do about it.

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