How can I look slightly thinner?

I’m a 19 yr previous male who’s fairly brief and gained a couple of kilos to a lot, I’m loosing weight and maintain management of my weightloss plan however I’d wish to look barely thinner when college begins in two weeks and I’ll not be capable of unfastened a lot weight until then. It’s primarily that my stomash is not flat however goes out virtually half an inch above the waist.

I’m solely H’N and weight virtually 174 lbs (so I have to unfastened at the least 15lbs), often put on gown shirts or polos with chinos and typically denims; I’ve acquired an excellent posture (I had dangerous posture as a child however spent loads of time correcting this earlier than highschool). I’m not the type of man with skinny legs and arms and I can fairly straightforward construct up seen muscle mass however have slacked recently and do not have very outlined muscle mass recently.

I’m in all probability primarily on the lookout for clothes ideas as I’m on my method down it is simply not fast sufficient. I observed that folks assume I’m thinner if I tuck my shirt into my pants (I tried it and my good friend advised me the very first thing once we met that day that I seemed good and requested me if I had began understanding extra). Would it assist to put on a decent/slimfit t-shirt beneath my gown shirt as an alternative of a traditional one? I do not consider in these unfastened weight quick diets as all they often do is drain your physique from water and make you weigh much less on the size however not truly thinner.

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Without exercising or going on a diet, the best way to look thinner for clothes is wear black becauise it is a really slimming color


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  • DesiGirl ♥


    The best thing to do is get clothes that FIT you. You don’t want baggy to make it seem like there is more of you and you don’t want tight either to give attention to certain parts of the body you don’t want people to immediately look at.
    1)Wear vertical stripes as opposed to horizontal stripes. vertical gives an illusion that you are skinnier.
    2)Wear black, black makes everyone look thinner.
    3)Avoid loud patterns.
    4)Wear low-rise pants
    5)straight leg jeans- They make the thighs and hips look smaller, and allow for a slimmer look.
    6)Belt- Combined with low rise jeans, a non-chunky belt can be a nice addition. It takes away from the belly.

    Continue on with your excersice! You are doing great and those measurements you gave are not that bad.
    Good luck!

    P.S. Eat an apple before each meal or if not, especially dinner! Apple is fiber and takes up a lot of room in your stomach making you eat less. It is a great trick and is healthy!

  • Black and deep, dark colors will make you look slimmer and so will vertical stripes. Try to eat at least 5 vegetables or fruits each day because they will make you full and you won’t be hungry for things that make you fat. Try to drink water with you meals because fruit juices have a lot of calories.

  • GhostInTheMachine


    Hey man I went thru something similar. What I used to do was get some wife beaters (tank tops) and wear it under your shirt. Tuck it in tight to kinda hold? your belly in.
    Wearing shirts that hug your arms but not your belly will def give you a slimmer look. Also wearing black or dark colored clothes help too.

    Tucking in your shirt? Hmm I’m not sure about that one. Maybe your friends were being nice or just not used to that look. They arent gonna say Heyy did you gain weight? Lol

    Dont fall into the “bigger guy wears baggy clothes” category. Wear fitted, fresh, and fashionable clothing. . NOT skinny jeans or baggy. Perhaps straight leg. Again DNT wear super tight clothes lol

    Good luck bro & be yourself

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