How Can I lose Weight Fast Without Using Pills?

I have at all times been what most would think about a “massive lady”. In January 2014, I weighed a hundred and eighty lbs (round eighty two kilograms), which is kind of chubby for a girl my top. I wasn’t all the time this weight although. In my teenage years, I weighed solely a hundred and forty kilos and I felt a lot more healthy and happier.

I strived desperately over time to get again to this weight, however with a anxious and busy work life, I struggled to take action. Nothing appeared to work for me. I tried all the pieces from weightloss plan drugs to train machines I noticed marketed on TV. I even tried loony diets just like the acai berry restrictive eating, and the inexperienced tea weightloss plan.

They didn’t do something for me. I was nonetheless chubby and thought of myself ‘brawny’.

That all modified in March 2014 although. I lost a staggering 23 mass in solely 21 days utilizing an excessive weightloss plan I discovered on-line known as The A Week Diet. I got here throughout this weightloss plan after I learn a information article a couple of well-known Victoria Secret model who was utilizing this very same restrictive eating to lose a great deal of obese in preparation for picture shoots.

If it labored for her I thought, shouldn’t it work for me?

I instantly began looking on Google and managed to search out the official O Week Diet web site. There, I watched a video by an expert nutritionist who revealed step-by-step what was wanted to starve yourself slim shortly. I was shocked, as a result of nobody had ever advised me this info earlier than! I had visited private trainers, dietitians, and medical doctors, and in all these years, nobody had ever instructed me these weight-reduction plan secrets and techniques!

The subsequent day I started this system. At first, I thought it might be actually troublesome and that I must starve myself to see any progress. Boy was I mistaken! I just about ate no matter I was consuming earlier than, however, I made positive to eat it on the particular occasions when my metabolism was burning a thousand occasions quicker than regular.

I additionally made certain to incorporate the key weighty burning meals listed in The A Week Diet with each meal. These issues mixed made the chunky actually soften properly off my physique! How did I know what instances my metabolism was burning weighty and what meals to incorporate into my weightloss plan? Well, Brian from The O Week Diet had laid all of it out for me as quickly as I joined the web site. It couldn’t have been simpler!

On the primary day alone, I lost P lbs (round B kilogram). The subsequent day, I lost a large 2 lbs! By the tip of the primary week I had lost round 10 lbs (A.H kilograms)! That was way more than I had anticipated. I thought I would lose round H lbs max! But 10 lbs in solely S days! That was life altering! I continued to comply with the weightloss plan for the complete course of 21 days, and by the tip of the restrictive eating, I had lost an earth-shattering 30 lbs of a hundred% pure physique weighty!

My goals had come true! I was now nearer to my perfect physique weight greater than ever earlier than! I felt slimmer, sexier, and more healthy! My stomach roly-poly had shrunk, my butt was firmer, my thighs have been tighter, and my cheeks have been not spherical and chubby! Some folks barely acknowledged me!

I liked my new physique and it was all one hundred percent due to The A Week Diet. It modified my life!

I am persevering with to do The 3 Week Diet and the big remains to be dropping off! I’m aiming to get right down to one hundred forty lbs and I am in all probability going to get there in lower than a few weeks! This restrictive eating has been among the best experiences of my life. I didn’t must starve myself, I didn’t just take any unhealthy weightloss plan drugs, I didn’t need to work my butt off on the fitness center, and I didn’t just eat bland boring meals!

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26 thoughts on “How Can I lose Weight Fast Without Using Pills?

  • Eat a healthy well balanced diet, get plenty of fiber and drink A LOT of water, like 10 glasses a day. Check out weight watcher online or

  • kista_1


    The South Beach Diet has worked great for my husband and a bunch of friends! He’s been on it for 3 1/2 weeks and lost 26 pounds!

    Good Luck!

  • Webballs


    Healthy diet and exercise.

  • daddy "d"


    There is no shortcut to losing weight. Diet and exercise will usually result in safe, measured weight loss.

  • kendo2_2000


    Eric Clapton wrote a song about it, on his slowhand album

  • drink a lot of water it feels like your full..and lots of veg and fruits

  • Patricia Thrift


    Walk alot and limit your calorie and fat intake.

  • Wednesday


    Exercise daily for about an hour, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and eat fish or seafood. Also, bake your foods instead of frying. Walk everyday if not twice a day. That is how I stay in shape. Also, drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep. Do not eat after 8:00 in the evening.

  • decrease your intake, but don’t be stupid about it, and up your activity. Take the time it took you to put the weight on, and multipy by 3…that should be the amount of time to take it off safely

  • Stop eating/drinking sugar. Also cut out “white” foods. Drink a lot of water. Your body actually burns calories warming up the COLD water you drink.

  • richard o


    cut out fatty foods speak to your dr or a qualified dietitian B4 dieting reason being evry body has a diferent matabalism so that needs to be looked into 1st

  • garymarston35


    Stop eating all them kebabs and burgers

  • Cute_as_always!!


    get a professional trainer and work really hard!!

  • wildand5150


    Eat very little.

  • kehkohjones


    First, see a doctor and make sure that you’re healthy enough, and ask for a referral to a dietitian. Go join a gym with a trained, certified and licensed weight trainer. Combine good nutrition and weight training and you’ll not only lose weight, but you will become much more active and energetic and get toned (not just lose weight and remain flabby-soft).

    It is the quickest, safest way to lose weight and you pick up good habits to carry you throughout your life.

  • JayEmmBee


    Go on a fruit and veggie diet. Stop drinking soda and eating junk food. Drink a lot of water. Work out for an hour a day. 4 to 5 times a week.

  • xochelsxo16


    workout every day and don’t eat to many calories!!!!!!!!!

  • seagle99


    The best thing that I have found for short term weight loss is the Atkins diet. Before you say all the bad stuff about it, let me explain. This diet is only bad when you are doing it for more than 6 months. For a quick “drop 10 pounds in 3 weeks”, it is not unhealthy and is effective. Also, if you will just stop drinking sodas(even diet), teas, or coffee for one week… I guarantee that you will lose about 5 pounds. It only works like that for the first week. If you are a caffeine addict, eat a small piece of chocolate when the headaches start. It is not hard to do for only one week. You can add lemon juice and Splenda to the water to make like a lemonade if you just absolutely hate water.

  • woodlands127


    Eat lots of veggies, raw if possible, drink iced tea – I don’t like just plain water, so for me tea was a better option – plus, tea is a natural diaretic – grilled chicken, it’s easy to spice it up lots of different ways and almost no fat, popcorn makes a great snack cuz it’s crunchy and satisfies your urge to snack – and get out and move!! Walk, go up and down stairs rather than use the elevators. Lots of good ways, not many easy ones, but you can do it!!

  • Walk daily 8 km.

  • Healthy Q


    You might think about trying this book called “The Movie Star Diet” by Steve Simmons. It helped me lose thirty pounds in 2 1/2 months when I didn’t think anything would work. My goal to begin with was only 20 lbs! It has a really easy plan to follow and an excellent workout to use as well.

  • ~*Vanessa*~


    THe best way is the old fashioned way, but everyone’s always saying the south beach diet, or this, or that. Just eat 3 meals a day that are good for you, and excersise 3 times a week. You’ll do great.

  • yummymummy


    Fast? How fast? Do you want to be healthy or skinny? The key is to be fit, not thin. Once you have decided you want to lose weight you have to be willing to do the work to do it. It won’t be easy and if you want to keep it off you have to make it your life, not just remporary. First thing you need is exercise. Cardio is the best way to lose lbs. Running is the best cardio exercise for weight loss. You don’t need any expesive equipment, just a good pair of running shoes. If you don’t think you can run start out walking and gradually add running intervals until you can run your entire workout. You will have to get up an hour earlier because you MUST work out first thing in the morning if you want to drop the lbs. If you don’t want to get up earlier you are not going to lose the weight. Working out first thing in the morning gives your metabloism a boost that lasts all day long which means you will burn more calories through-out the day even if you are just sitting. Make sure you stretch first, walk for 5 min. to warm up, run or jog for 30-45 min., walk for 5 min. to cool down, and then stretch again. Also be sure to eat a good healthy breakfast afterwards. That will boost your metabolism as well. As for eating, you need to be aware of everything you put in your mouth and only eat when you are hungry. If you drink soda you need to either stop or switch to diet. Cut out all deep-fried foods like fries, chicken tenders, chips, etc. Eliminate cheese altogether. Better sources of calcium include skim milk, low-fat yogurt, fat free cottage cheese. No nuts. They are heart healthy fats but they are still fats and if you are trying to lose weight you are better off avoiding them. No alcohol. It’s a waste of calories. Make sure you are drinking 8 glases of water daily. To build muscle, which also burns calories, do some weight training or take up pilates. Last but not least, stop eating 3 hours before you go to bed. Your metabolism slows tremendously when you sleep and anything that you put in your stomach before bed will just be stored as fat. If you follow everything exactly as I have told you you should see the weight drop pretty quickly. You won’t see much weight change on the scale right away because at first your body is going to build muscle, which weighs more than fat, but also burns more calories, but you will see a change in the way your clothes fit. After a few weeks you should start seeing the pounds drop. Any questions or problems just email me. I am glad to help.



    i used to be a wrestler and we had to drink pleanty of water and sleep in a black trash bag.

  • Cricket


    eat six small meals a day, with fist-size portions of fruits and vegtables, whole grains, dairies and proteins
    drink three glasses of low fat or nonfat milk every day..and drink six to eight glasses of water
    exercise for 30 minutes every day (walk, run, jumping jacks, crunches, dancing, sports, etc.)
    good luck!!!!!!!

  • koreangurl


    drink lots of water, stay away from carbs, excercise regularly, and eat appropriately (like before 7:00 p.m.)

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