Q&A: How do I lose weight quickly?

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I’m about hundred thirty kilos, and never snug with it. I’m 5’1. My thighs are ginormous and my stomach stands proud. My arms are also, I assume, outsized. I do not need to cease consuming, however any ideas for weight reduction stuff? I do not have entry to a health club or something fancy like that, however, are there any (minimal effort) exercises that I might do? For anyone who says ‘you are good the best way you’re’; I am genuinely actually uncomfortable with my physique. Thanks πŸ™‚

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Simply the easiest way to weight loss is to eat salads as an alternative of burgers(put grilled hen on it for protein. Also the most effective train for losing a few pounds is swimming. Running is sweet too, however swimming burns energy A occasions as quick as operating. Oh, and when you run or stroll attempt to suck your abdomen in and flex it( in and down). strolling burns simply as many energy as operating, simply slower. the best way to make pounds fall off is to burn extra energy than you eat.

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  • If you need to lose weight the simplest way to do it is to cut out the carbs…mostly eat meat (or some kind of protein), vegetables (not deep fried), and fruit. Also drink at least eight glasses of water per day especially before meals…and exercise. If you do this you wont need to worry about portion size unless its an absolutely huge amount.

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