Q&A: How do you lose weight quickly?

Question by *passion29*: how do you make pounds fall off shortly?
and that i imply in a wholesome approach, and sufficiently….

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Answer by Ex-Saint Christopher Angel
Coconut Oil. Look into it.. it really works wonders!

It appears that coconut oil can really permit you to slim down, notably these pesky (and notably unhealthy) kilos spherical your pooch. Not solely that, but analysis advocate coconut oil can also help decrease irritation, wrestle an an infection, and even defend the thoughts from the outcomes of Alzheimer’s sickness.

Strange as a result of it seems, coconut oil improves the ratio of “good” to “harmful” ldl ldl cholesterol inside the bloodstream — the exact reverse of how most saturated beefy affect the physique. Coconut oil includes medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which might be additional merely digested than totally different styles of portly and often are usually not often saved in plump tissue. Coconut oil may be rich in healthful antioxidants, notably virgin coconut oil, which is produced with out the utilization of heat or chemical compounds.

M. Coconut oil is probably the most safe oil to utilize for cooking. (Note: I do not advocate frying of any sort.) Because coconut oil is a saturated stout, it’s the least weak of all the dietary oils to oxidation and the formation of free radicals. Consuming oils which have oxidized on account of publicity to extreme temperatures may end up in many properly being points from coronary coronary heart sickness to diabetes.

P. Coconut oil is a pure antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal Cuisine. Its super-microbial power comes from the distinctive fatty acids it accommodates: lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid. All of these fatty acids exhibit anti-microbial properties with no harmful or undesirable negative effects.

A. Supplementing with virgin coconut oil might assist cease the bone loss that occurs in osteoporosis. Free radicals and oxidative stress are key players inside the progress of osteoporosis. Antioxidant rich virgin coconut oil might assist to battle the oxidative hurt attributable to free radicals. A present analysis reveals that supplementing with it helped to maintain up bone development and cease bone loss in rats. Coconut oil may even improve the absorption of minerals resembling calcium and magnesium along with the hefty soluble dietary nutritional vitamins, all of which are essential to sustaining healthful bones and tooth.

A. Eating coconut oil provides the physique with vitality with out pudgy accumulation. The medium chain fatty acids current in coconut oil are utilized by the physique to provide energy fairly than being saved as giant. Traditional sources of plump inside the weightloss plan are broken down into specific individual fatty acids after which regrouped into bundles of overweight and protein known as lipoproteins. These lipoproteins are despatched into the bloodstream so that the fatty acids may be deposited into our giant cells.

Medium chain fatty acids current in coconut oil are utilized in one other method inside the physique. Instead of being packaged into lipoproteins and circulated inside the bloodstream, they’re despatched on to the liver the place they’re reworked into vitality very like a carbohydrate. These vitality producing corpulent do not improve blood sugar like carbohydrates so that they’re good risk for diabetics.

H. Coconut oil can improve the metabolism. Coconut oil has a thermogenic or calorie burning influence. This is because of the medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil are merely absorbed by the facility producing organelles of the cells. Studies have confirmed that after consuming a meal containing medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil, the metabolism stays elevated for on the very least 24 hours! Not solely will you be burning power at a sooner cost, you will have additional energy.

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10 thoughts on “Q&A: How do you lose weight quickly?

  • Enigmatic33


    there is no healthy way to lose quickly

  • DixieDarlin939


    try the master clense diet the website is on one of my questions

  • angel gione


    come on yar….maybe not to safe…..but try to put your self on a luke warm water diet foe a day not more than that….it helps your lose 1 kg
    and try liquid diet without sugar:) that helps
    but take care of your health too

  • ukneekgirl


    eat lots of healthy food lyk a wheat bagel w/ fat free cream cheese n the morn., a salad @ lunch, lean grilled chicken & peas w/ a little bit of mashed potatoes, snack= a handful of almonds. that should help u lose weight byut wat ev u don dont starve!!
    good luck!!

  • shorty


    I agree there is no heathly way to lose weight quickly. You need to see your doctor and come up with a healthy way for you to lose weight. It takes a lot of work and determination. There has to be a lifestyle change in order for it to work. Also so you don’t gain the weight back.

  • Autumn D


    I’ve recently lost 35 lbs. and it has stayed off for 1 year now.

    I don’t believe that quick and healthy belong in the same sentence.

    Especially if you want it to stay off.

    Don’t eat man made food. PERIOD! Watch how much you are eating…like eat smaller portions than you do now.

    And I exercised two times for an hour, for 4 months…it took at least one month for my body to start losing.

    Everybody is different.

    Get active and don’t put crap into your body.

  • LilPsyCho


    try fasting…it really works…after like 3 days youll feel so wonderful…if you continue you lose like 1 pound a day….if you want to learn more about fasting go to


    its amazing…….or else just eat 90% fruits and veggies and the other 10 eat whatever you want….research food combining and stuff……its like impossible to lose weight and not have a clean colon first……hope this helps…i know it helped me

  • Golden angel


    eat evrything u want 2
    but half it
    lets say u eat 2 cheeseburger, eat 1
    or if u drink a can of coke drink half of it
    and dont eat before 3 hours before going 2 sleep
    I’ve tryed this diet and it works well the first week
    it will be hard but the 2nd u will find it easy.
    this is the healthiest diet u can try!

  • ||_*Beauty Queen*_||


    Aching to lose weight and don’t know how to start? I’m here to help! Here are 20 tips to help get you through one of life’s most oft repeated struggles – the Fight Against Fat.

    1. Have you tried to give up sugar and haven’t succeeded? Instead of forbidding yourself certain foods – just eat less of them. If you must have sugar in your tea, cut it down from two spoons to one.

    2. Ever notice how if you eat when you’re ravenous, you tend to overeat? So try eating more regularly, even if it means more frequently. Eat an average of 5 small meals a day, instead of 2 or 3 large ones, where you stuff yourself.

    3. Be conscious about what you eat. Keep a food diary and note down everything you eat. You may be shocked at the results.

    4. Eat or snack only on the dinner table, not on the couch in front of your television. Once you make a policy out of this, you’ll cut down on snacks tremendously. Don’t get too comfortable while eating. It’s always better to eat on the go. Always sit straight on the chair.

    5. Make rules for yourself. If you experience cravings, give yourself ten minutes before you attack the refrigerator. In most cases, the craving would just die down and you’d walk away.

    6. Drink a lot of water. This reduces hunger pangs and gives you more energy.

    7. When you decide to finally attack your weight problem, you want it gone by the weekend. But realise that that is just not a realistic approach. If you want it off permanently, you’ve got to take it slow. It may even take up to a year to get to your desired weight – that’s fine, because you’ve got more of a chance of maintaining it.

    8. Join an aerobics class. It’s more disciplined and it’s always better to work out in a group.

    9. Stay busy. Don’t just sit around wasting time. Chances are your mind will wander to that delicious chocolate cake… Partake in activities that are not conducive to eating. Join a singing class, take up oil painting or gardening – cultivate a hobby.

    10. If you have to snack, try this. Put your hand in the packet of wafers and take out a fistful. Finish off whatever you get your hands on – and that’s it.

    11. Don’t stack up on fattening yummy foods. It’s easiest to control food intake if you just don’t have it around. If you feel like chocolate cake, buy a pastry so it doesn’t hang out in the refrigerator all week till you polish it off. Similarly, don’t keep tubs of ice cream in the freezer. Buy a cup or two and eat it when the mood strikes.

    12. When you reach for the refrigerator, stop and question yourself. Are you just bored or are you really hungry? In most of the cases the answer will be the former.

    13. Stick little post-it notes on the refrigerator saying, Stop! Or Reach for a glass of water.

    14. Buy clothes a size smaller and work towards fitting into them.

    15. Don’t beat yourself up or lose heart just because you’ve slipped up a few times. You need to keep a positive outlook and keep encouraging yourself.

    16. Visualise how you will look without those extra kilograms.

    17. Take up yoga.

    18. Find new and different ways to measure how far you’ve come. Don’t just stick to the weighing scale. Scout around in your cupboard and try on old clothes that are big for you – excellent motivation.

    19. Find a partner to work out with or to support you. Enlist the help of a friend and go for activities that don’t involve snacking. Take up tennis, go cycling… don’t just meet friends over lunch or dinner.

    20. Get motivated. No one is going to lose your weight for you. You’re going to have to do it all by yourself, and if the motivation doesn’t come from within you, no amount of friends and family pushing you to lose weight is going to help.

    Good luck xx

  • Sherry


    Losing no more than 1 pound or so per week is the safest. Losing weight too quickly is unhealthy and you probably won’t be able to maintain it.

    Every 3500 calories is a pound. You shouldn’t rely on cutting calories to lose weight. Exercise is important. When you tone up a little, your muscles will need burn more calories to maintain that tone even when you are sitting around. For example, if you want to lose a pound in seven days, you could eat 300 calories less and burn off 200 calories more by jogging or doing other exercises that you enjoy. Something like that is a lot easier to maintain so that you can keep the weight off in the future. Walking after dinner rather than sitting down is also a good habit to get into.

    Other tips:

    1. Replace soda with water!
    2. Cut down on the sugar (prepackaged snacks)
    3. Snack on fresh fruits. Low in calories and full of nutrition! If you must have something else, snack on pretzels.
    4. Don’t skip breakfast but instead of having high fat foods such as bacon and sausage, have oatmeal, fruit, and/or healthy cereals.
    5. Eat slower so you don’t end up overeating because it takes time for your brain to register that you’re full!
    6. Use a smaller plate to serve your food rather than a full-sized dinner plate. It kinda tricks your mind into thinking you’re eating more than you actually are.
    7. Never skip meals!
    8. If given the choice between a few flight of stairs and the elevator, take the stairs.
    9. Be realistic with your goals!

    Good luck!

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