I am fourteen, should I diet? Honestly am I fat,average,or skinny?

Question by Shoua: I am 14,ought to I weightloss plan?Honestly am I thickset,common,or skinny?

I am small boned,Asian American,A’S”,ninety two lbs,14 yrs previous. I lack self-worth and sorry for posting this a number of occasions. Am I fleshy,or common?

Measurements -32-24-33 however my tummy is not flat,it additionally folds when I sit,and expands after I eat. And when I flex my calves there’s a massive arduous lump,muscle? WHAT IS MY BODYSHAPE? AM I PROPORTIONATE?

I play badmintion for 2 hours a day,I am planning to go jogging this summer time with my sister. I eat no matter I often need however I attempt to eat wholesome issues,But I really feel responsible typically. I have not had pop for one and one half months!

We are having a celebration and it includes pop,and a variety of meals. Should I take pleasure in myself?

Best reply:
No I do not assume on the age of 14 YOU SHOULD DIET .. it is best to go for operating early within the morning… and warmth wholesome… you ought to be aware of your consuming habits however do not cease having fun with your self ! Join dance courses and have a heavy breakfast… and little or no dinner.. !

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  • John B


    The ratio in your dimensions is good, if you’re a girl – you have an hourglass figure.
    For 4’7″ though, it sounds overweight.. But I’m not sure, I can’t see you. Use a BMI calculator.

    Dieting, if by that you mean not eating, causes you to lose muscle which will make you more heavy later.
    Exercise to lose weight, and eat smarter: fruits and vegs, not pasta.

  • Do NOT diet. Your body is still developing, you’re a good height and weight. Everyone’s stomach folds when they sit, if you’re worried about that then just keep your back straight and this should help it look like it’s not, but really it’s normal.
    2 hours of badminton a day is more than enough. Do not overexert yourself or you’ll hurt yourself.
    Enjoy yourself at the party! Eat as much junk food, and drink as much pop as you like (within reason, I don’t want you to be ill the next day!)

  • No, your within the ideal Body Mass Index for your age and weight. Just continue to exercise and eat well (this also keeps you from getting future diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes).

  • Adriana


    You are so skinny and so light! Eat more don’t diet! You can eat healthy foods as you are growing but don’t lack the most is nutrients that you need! Don’t worry about your body shape, the more you worry the more you will be on diet which is not that good. Eat well balanced everyday. I am glad you are active also. As you eat and exercise, you will grow and your metabolism will be faster to your tummy folds. Good luck!

  • Manjit


    You are accomplishing adequate physical exercise;

    You should not peg away too much, you know;

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