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Question by ♥♥Californian Barbie™♥♥♥
Okay so i want some recommendation…..I am making an attempt to lose an certain amount of weight about forty kilos. I tried turning into anorexic nevertheless it didn’t work for me as a result of i virtually collapsed and really feel so weak and dizzy. Plus each time i ate one thing it instantly put additional weight on me..

So my query is in the event you discovered what particular workouts that you’ve tried that labored for you and a few meals that would velocity the load loss course of..

Also is it potential for me to lose 20 pounds of fat in two weeks??

Best reply:
The first thing you can do to help out is to eat smaller portions, and do it at least five times a day. Also don’t eat after 6.


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10 thoughts on “Q&A: Losing Weight?

  • yeesnaw


    become a vegitarian



    you have to take vitamins when you starve yourself

  • It is definitely not possible to lose 20 lbs in 2 weeks.
    If it is, it’s definitely unhealthy. You’d end up going to the hospital.

    &dammit, I feel like smacking you. Anorexia is not some sort of diet. It is a disorder that kills people.

    Anyway, when you eat…no shit, you’re gonna put on some weight. That doesn’t mean the weight’s going to permanently stay there. You lose weight when you crap too, y’know.

    Stop being lazy.
    Eat healthy. You can have a treat every so often. It’s moderation that counts.
    Exercise 30 minutes to an hour everyday.

  • BrOwN-eYes


    Speical K works beleive me I was 135 n now I’m 125 I ate the cereal you lunch I had the speical K protein meal bar then for dinner I had a big portion so I would do 2 small potions for dinner big. If you feel like snacking theyy have that to go on yahoo and type in Speical K. For exercise I walked a lot with my dog n by myself take it easy I dance I put some good music did a lil sit up pushups n jumping jacks

  • downwithacrash


    heres some ideas
    for your food make sure you are NOT doing the following
    .snacking lightly durring the day on anything salty or fatty like candy, pretzels, crackers, etc.
    .skipping one meal and then over eating
    . eating even when you are not hungry

    if you need to snack have something filling and small like fruits and veggies or a handfull of trail mix
    for breakfast eat something healthy and small like an egg on toast (whole wheat) without too much buttter or jam
    if you are thirsty drink water, not juice or soda
    for lunch have a slightly bigger meal but still healthy
    for dinner you want something small, because going to bed with a full stomac isnt good for you

    no dessert

    for a workout….
    a great way to burn calories is going for a short run every morning
    half a mile – 2 miles, howevor long you can go for
    before bed do
    20-30 pushups
    50-100 situps/crunches
    20 leglifts (lying on your back with your legs straight lift your feet three feet off the ground and then bring them three inches off the ground but dont touch them. Keep your legs straight
    40 jumping jacks
    20 squats (standing up, bend your knees slowly until your but is right above your ankles and then back up but dont touch your butt to your ankles)
    and lots of stretching will help ellongate the limbs

    it isnt possible to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks, and if you crash dieted you would only be losing water weight and it would come right back.

  • slipknot


    obviously your metabolism kinda sucks if you ate and immediately put on pounds. get rid of the carbs and eat veggies and sweat your ass off.

  • Online Friends Are Stupid~!


    well first of all you should eat healthy. try fruits and vegetables, and you should buy the weight watcher meals. that will help you lose some weight. also every day you should wake up and go for a walk, and when you get in that habit you start jogging every day instead of walking every day (at least walk or jog 15-30 each day). just try and do physical activities two a day. this should defiantly help you lose 40 pounds. the process might be slow, but don’t give up! and I’m not sure if it’s possible to lose 20 pounds in two weeks, it probably is but not by the healthy way.

  • Here just some tips to help you out 🙂

    Losing weight takes a plan of working out and healthy eating.

    Good overall toning exercises include running and swimming.

    If you eat breakfast within 30 minutes of getting up, it will kick start your metabolism for the day so your body digests food quicker and stores less as fat.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • you can’t lose 20lbs in 2 weeks. the best you could do is maybe 10lbs.

    -no breads, grains or rice.
    -have milk and egg white for breakfast.
    -lunch: grill chicken Caesar salad, no croûtons, only 2 tbsp of dressing
    – dinner: blanched chicken breast and veggies.
    – exercise at least two-three hours every day.
    -running (3-5miles) and ab crunches

  • Impossible to lose 20 pounds in two weeks, your body cannot burn that much fat or muscle or anything off. A good goal would be about THREE pounds per week.

    A pound of fat is 3500 calories, so if you excercise or cut calories by 500 a day you could lose a pound a week, but since you want to lose around 40 lbs, you should focus on long term goals.

    Eat low fat foods that are also good for you. Celery actually has negative calories because of the chewing you have to do but has lots of water to keep you hydrated, which speeds up metabolism.

    Excersice is key to losing weight. You need to do the right kind for the right amound of time. For a total body transformation, swimming would be excellent…it uses every muscle in your body (arms, legs, abs, etc) and this means you burn more calories. Bicycle abdominals are best for flattening and toning your stomach as it also works all the muscles. Buy some 3-7 lb free weights and do some basic lifting for about 15 minutes 2-3 times a day, also, and in two weeks you should see some toning and muscle definition.

    Warning: not eating is bad, especially in the hot hot summer. Drink 2-3 Nalgene bottles of water per day, eat low fat foods like a cheese stick, celerty, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, whole wheat bread, small amounts of chocolate (good for you after workouts, who knew?!) and low fat meat like turkey (highest fat is ground meats like burger, sausage and hot dogs)

    DO NOT starve yourself. You can stunt your growth, threaten your liver, cause thyroid problems, etc. My friend starved herself until her liver shut down and now she is only 4’8″! Also, the thyroid controls your metabolism so starving yourself actually turns on the switch to your metabolism that says “starvation mode” so your body goes into hibernation and burns calories really really slowly. So you would be fighting a losing battle.

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