Makeover ideas needed!!!

I want a full physique makeover to spice up my confidence and my look. If anybody is aware of any ideas from fat body loss to hair to pores and skin, I would undoubtedly respect it.

Best reply:

-weightloss plan and train
-tanning mattress
-make up
-hair straightener


3 thoughts on “Makeover ideas needed!!!

  • Smiley Princess


    Ok,theres a website you can go to but to share my tips….for skin,PROACTIVE!For hair- oh,and for the hair product I would TOTALLY recommend PROACTIVE!For weight loss- top 5 weight loss pills!

    Hope I Helped=)

  • Dorthy_Gail


    Instant body makeover: Stand up straight and pull your stomach in.
    Do those sit ups and get those muscles toned again.

    Skin: A good facial. Go and have your eyebrows waxed.
    Get a pedicure and a manicure.

    Finger foods: Fresh plain strawberries

    Hair: Pull your hair up in a twist for an elegant look

    I have no idea what we are working with here, so these are just a few basics.

  • You can join your local gym and go there a few times a week. You’ll start losing weight and gaining muscle. You can get a new hair cut, try straight on bangs! Those look good on just about everyone. Try any kind of neutrogena face wash, they do wonders for skin. Any of these will easily boost your confidence! Good luck! – Danika

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