Weight loss/your opinion?

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I’m 5′ 4 3/4″, my waist is aprox. 23″ hips aprox. 29″ and my bust is 32/34 an I weigh 129.3. I think I should lose some weight because I’m not really happy with the way I look. Most of my weight is, sadly, on the inside and back of my thighs. I work out 3 days a week and have swimming for pe but I’m not really losing weight. What really fast weight loss stratagies do you know of??

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You really need to eat more vegetables and avoid junk food,. Keep up the exercise

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  • Kathleen


    Based on the BMI Chart (Body Mass Index), you still fall under the normal body weight. But, if you still want to lose some weight then doing some sport activities might help you:Cycling, Running, Swimming and Lawn Tennis. Make it a daily routine, an hour a day. For calories intake, try tracking them down. Avoid high calories foods, instead replace them with foods that are low in calorie but will fill you up. 🙂

    Anyway, I think that there is nothing wrong with you. But, exercise is a good habit, and having a healthy lifestyle is a must try, there’s nothing to lose if you give it a try.

    Stay healthy! Good Luck! 🙂

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