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Question by : scene female skinny???
How do all of the scene women get so skinny? i observed that each one of then are actually skinny. and i actually need to weight loss I am one hundred ninety! Another factor is that I am solely 14 so i REALLY must weight loss. please assist:)

I want one thing like possibly some sort of treatment(if there may be B) and from private expertise does that lemon weightloss plan factor work the one with maple syrup and stuff in that case how do you do it

when i say scene skinny…… i want to be that skinny however idk whether it is attainable so please assist:)

Another downside is that I do not have some huge cash to purchase weight reduction stuff both.

I want to reduce weight by the tip of the summer time however it’s already July so idk if that’s doable

Best reply:

Ouch. That’s unhealthy. Notice how they haven’t any muscle mass on their our bodies? I do not need to have to teach folks on the fundamental ideas of “healthily skinny” however on this case, I have to. When a female is that skinny with low quantity of muscle mass and no genetic prerequisite of being naturally skinny (overly energetic thyroid, quick metabolism, and many others) the woman has actually starved herself. The ironic half is that after they become older they may balloon up in the event that they ever get well from the what ever consuming dysfunction they’ve. You see, on this image I can let you know that her physique has gone into hunger mode which accurately eats away on the muscle groups.

Facts about scene female skinny:

  • Most of them had been already petite weighing in at about one hundred fifteen at H’H or shorter after they have been wholesome.
  • Their common top is between H’B-H’S
  • They frequent “ana/mia” blogs or “proana” blogs.
  • Their purpose weight is not measured in weight however in BMI. Meaning most of them attempt to be or beneath as a substitute of setting their websites on a specific determine or quantity on the size.
  • Most of them vary between the ages of 15-19 that means they are not even ladies.
  • They discover even wholesome women disgusting and obese.
  • What they’ve is 2-fold: they’re going for a mode and so they let their consuming problems dictate how they need to dwell their lives.
  • They’re depressing on the within and no quantity of darkish make-up, extensions, and angled footage will disguise it.

Please, attempt to be wholesome. Set a superb instance for the opposite women. Lose weight with good quaint weightloss plan and train. By “restrictive eating” I imply wholesome. Cut out the junk, eat natural, minimize out the sodas, devour extra leafy inexperienced greens than meats and grains…

It’s fantastic if younger ladies need to look the a part of “scene” however it’s unreasonably unrealistic to need to acquire an unhealthy physique during doing so.

There is not any fast approach of acquiring that excellent physique. It takes plenty of planning, restrictive eating, train and the power to handle stress successfully. There is not any brief lower, no skinny potion, nothing.

A sturdy chicka would do what the remainder of us sane folks do: work for it

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8 thoughts on “Scene girly skinny

  • Tori C


    She probably weighs 110 pounds. There is no way you can lose 80 pounds by the end of the summer. No way.
    Eating healthy and exercise is the only way to lose weight and keep it off. Don’t aim to get that thin either, most ‘scene’ girls are dangerously underweight.

  • Some of them are anorexic. I don’t know about the others.

    Remember to eat healthy- fruits, vegetables, lean meats, etc. Don’t eat any junk food, or sodas. But drink lots of water. You need to stay hydrated. If you feel hungry drink a bottle of water, if your still hungry after wards eat something. Eat smaller portions throughout the day to keep your metabolism up.

    You need to exercise too. You can run. If you aren’t in good shape start with running small amounts, and build up as the weeks go by. If you hate running you can swim. Its great cardio. You can also think about weight training. Lifting weights builds muscle, and muscle burns more calories than fat. You should add crunches, lunges, push ups, etc. to your workout. If you ever get bored with this routine you can try yoga or cycling, something fun like that!

    Good Luck!

  • Susan


    Are you a boy or a girl? Because if your a boy you don’t need to be that skinny. You will scare the girls away. If your a girl and just have a boys avatar, then just eat healthy and cut out the whites and sugars!

  • *bubbles*


    and eat healthy no junk food find a sport or hobby to keep you active
    green tea always helps me loos a litte a feel less bloated

  • Kristen


    first of all im one of those “scene girls” so we didint get skinny were just not fat cows like u. weve ate healthy. so not mcdonalds. and another way ( that ive never needed to use or ever will) alot of them are bulimic

  • jackie omg! blah blah blah


    well clinton….
    diets dont work.
    only 20% of people keep the weight off.
    you have to make lifestyle changes.
    and asking why scene kids are always skinny is like asking why are they’re all white. it just looks better.
    and i think it will be WAY too hard for you to look like jamieXTC shes probably only 115 at max.

  • Lovely Firestrike


    Ouch. That’s unhealthy. Notice how they have no muscle mass on their bodies? I don’t want to have to educate people on the basic principles of “healthily thin” but in this case, I need to. When a girl is that thin with low amount of muscle mass and no genetic prerequisite of being naturally thin (overly active thyroid, fast metabolism, etc) the girl has literally starved herself. The ironic part is that when they get older they will balloon up if they ever recover from the what ever eating disorder they have. You see, in this picture I can tell you that her body has gone into starvation mode which literally eats away at the muscles.
    Healthy skinny is more like this:
    Notice how the model in this yoga ad has meat on her bones and looks defined and toned without being overly toned?
    This is what you should strive to be.

    Facts about scene girl skinny:
    most of them were already petite weighing in at about 115 at 5’5 or shorter when they were healthy.
    Their average height is between 5’1-5’6
    They frequent “ana/mia” blogs or “proana” blogs.
    Their goal weight isn’t measured in weight but in BMI. Meaning most of them strive to be 16.0 or under instead of setting their sites on a particular figure or number on the scale.
    Most of them range between the ages of 15-19 meaning they aren’t even women.
    They find even healthy girls disgusting and overweight.

    What they have is two-fold: they are going for a style and they let their eating disorders dictate how they should live their lives.
    They’re miserable on the inside and no amount of dark makeup, extensions, and angled pictures will hide it.

    Please, strive to be healthy. Set a good example for the other girls. Lose weight with good old fashioned diet and exercise.
    and by “diet” I mean healthy. Cut out the junk, eat organic, cut out the sodas, consume more leafy green vegetables than meats and grains…

    It’s fine if young women want to look the part of “scene” but it is unreasonably unrealistic to want to obtain an unhealthy body while doing so.

    There is no quick way of obtaining that perfect body. It takes lots of planning, diet, exercise and the ability to manage stress effectively. There is no short cut, no skinny potion, nothing.
    A strong woman would do what the rest of us sane people do:
    work for it.

    Edit: these scene girls in the photos are certainly not 110-115 pounds. I’m 113 and I look like a giant whale compared to them and I’m their height. I’d estimate that they are 98 pounds to 100 pounds at the max. Also, where are their boobs? Are boobs disgusting to men now? It seems like everyone strives for a A cup or B cup. It’s like saying “hey every woman on earth with curves, YOU’RE UGLY!”
    And I find that personally offensive if I do say so myself. Everyone get off of the “I have to be skinny” bandwagon and change these stupid social standards.

    Our children will be screwed, nothing is ever good enough. It pains me to think about the 12 year olds that see this, that strive to be this.

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