Secrets tips on how to look thinner!

Hello there. Its Nichole Kellerman here, founder and creator of Successful Weight Loss School; where women go to stop dieting, reshape their bodies and feel widly alive.

Okay, so today I’m going to talk to you about how to look thinner at parties.

So I’m gonna give you a few tips to take with you to this party and all the parties run out so you can feel and look your best.

Number 1. This is a huge. You have to choose an outfit that makes you feel hot damn hot!

You have to feel good because if you like it’s too tight, you feel frumpy or whatever you feel like on those clothes, your entire night is gonna be ruined. And you know that.
And today, I want to be talking another woman of your better half; who I channel fairly easily and she is called your Determined Badass. She’s awesome!

So I wanna read you some characteristics of your determined badass.

So, my determine badass is named Natasha. I don’t know. I feel like the name Natasha and seal whip. I don’t know why. But that’s what I named. You can name your determined badass wherever you like.

Your determined badass knows how to hustle and never gets overwhelmed. As tasks come to her, she knocks them out of the part with determination and clarity. She is athletic, fit and competitive. She is fearless and takes big risk. She trusts her gut and never questions it. She knows how to have a killer party and dances all night long no matter who is looking. She tells that like it is and lets herself be her no matter who is around.

So when you at these parties, I really want you to walk in there with confidence; walk into these parties with confidence and have a good time — be you! No matter who is looking, no matter who is watching, it doesn’t matter. All the matters is that you shine your light and you be a 100% you. And I really, really encourage you to dance. You know I was going to say that.

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Alright, I will see you next week. Later guys.

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