Self Makeover?

Okay. so i simply moved from Texas to Florida and i’m coming into a model new faculty. My college begins August 18th and I am going all out. New garments, Make-up, and Hair.

My model is punk/harcore. My model is Music Inspired.

So strategies?

Also; if in case you have any recommendations on weight reduction that might be nice too
I utterly agree with jessi; i care about what individuals assume. But the truth that its all so new. i do; alot greater than i used to (i didnt used to care in any respect!). And i simply care to look good for varsity.

Replace I Care About What People Think Of Me


I ought to’nt care what individuals suppose

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Answer by Happykid
As far as weight reduction- you will get fairly toned by the point college begins in the event you begin coaching now. Run at the least each different day. Cut again to virtually no soda or chips and different junk. Eat tons of veggiess and fruits, drink lots of water, and change all white bread and pasta with complete grain. Trust me you will see a distinction in just a few weeks. Not simply along with your physique however your complexion and degree of power.

Also do some firming workouts, and I extremely suggest yoga for throughout muscle tone and a great exercise. Plus individuals maintain on to further weight and eat extra when they’re pressured, so one thing like yoga kills two birds with one stone.

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  • jessi


    Just don’t give a crap what people think. Your style is yours. As for weight loss, eat 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones, it keeps your metabolism going. Take daily vitamins (if you can swing the money, order Ultra mega for women online, much cheaper than going to the store). Stay active, don’t be a couch potato. Yoga and pilates help tone as well as increase your flexibility and agility.

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