whats up, everybody appears to be telling me EVERYDAY about how im ”soooo skinny.” it has been so exhausting on me and that i seem to always get myself crying as a result of points these people say to me. im almost 13 and that i do in no way have consuming issues…i consider. i dont restrictive consuming or one thing and that i truly do eat masses! i eat the agevage amount, if one thing additional. i moreover dont merely eat “junk or just meat, ect. i eat every kind of meals. does anyone know whats occurring):
ps. in no way title someone skinny inless you may be beond constructive they “like” to be known as that! i is very hurtfull and some people have not bought a range, it’s merely the way in which by which they’re! …focus on to your good good friend if their skinny and seem “down”. stick up for them, you can not think about the suggest points of us say to them on regularly basis!): -thanks

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Answer by Tim
you merely have a extreme metabolism
do not be involved about it

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2 thoughts on “Skinny

  • starsRawesum


    yup u just have a high metabolism.
    be happy u get to be skinny… least ur not excessively fat ya know? 😀
    im sure ur just fine the way u are, and you’ll start to fill in a bit im sure 😛

  • Silly☆


    Sweetie i’ve been through this and still am in a way. I never had an eating disorder but have been on the petite side since i was 10. I didn’t eat much when i was young. Some people are just genetically thinner. When I was in 9th grade i was diagnosed with anxiety and took meds that made me less hungry so i dropped a few pounds and my doc asked if i had any eating disorders which was extrememly hurtful for me to be asked and i left crying to my mom! Now i’m at an average of 103 pounds and i’m 5’2″, i’m 18 years old. Now I no longer am on meds and i eat fine but still get told i’m thin as a compliment but it still hurts on the inside because i really do wish i could just gain 10 pounds but i know now that that’s not how God made me. Eating stuff with carbs can help with gaining some weight for example any type of bread, or noodles. Also if you drink slimfast in ADDITION to another meal that will add quite a few calories as well. Exercising will help too because muscle weighs more than fat and working more will make you more hungry.

    Plus you are 13 and still growing. You and me both have a high metabolic rate which causes us to burn calories faster than we take in. Once you get older you will get curvier and you will feel better about yourself. Just think it’s healthier to be skinnier than fatter, and being healthy is all that counts in the end! <333

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