Tips on fasting for weight reduction?

I’m fasting for weight make small. Yes I know that in case you fast after which eat you’ll obtain all of the load once more. I know tons of people who have fasted and didn’t obtain the load once more. I was merely questioning, I’m on my first day of fasting like how do you keep your self from not getting hungry? And can you may have espresso throughout the morning? Can you drink juice? Or does all of it should be water?

Best reply:

-Drink a giant glass of water sooner than every meal
-No fast sutanance, fried provisions, oily stuff and so forth.
-Small meals, (huge meals are normally not good)
-snack all by day (a fruit, nuts, yogurt…)
-and train every completely different day

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One thought on “Tips on fasting for weight reduction?

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    I have fasted off and on for years to control my weight and sleep better at night.
    I have a vegetable juicer but sometimes I also use low sodium vegetable juice. I do have coffee in the AM but never more than 2 cups. I drink very little juice and lots of “Smart water”. I am currently on day 5 of a five day juice fast. Going forward, I plan to fast every third day. This is what works for me. You only gain the weight back if you eat the wrong foods. Stick to vegetables, fish and poultry. I never eat sugar or junk food. There are lots of healthy foods to enjoy.

    There is no way to not get hungry. You accept it and you go with it. You have to be strong.

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