Is Tara Reid to Skinny?

What are your ideas on how Tara Reid got so skinny? Is she affected by some form of consuming dysfunction! I tried to search out out if she is anorexic or bulimic or simply weight-reduction plan. She hasn’t spoken about her weight reduction but so far as I know. The rumours that I have digged up are as follows!

She has lost weight from cocaine use

She has bulimia. Here is a mention anyone posted on Perez Hiton’s web site:

“she appears too skinny and orange. and he or she has not been figuring out for it. its a bulemia physique. she has all of the basic indicators. the bulemia-waistline (slighty puffy in comparison with the remainder of her physique, attributable to the physique being in a panic to carry onto SOME large b/c of hunger), her coloring is mistaken, and her boobs (boob job) is falling b/c she doesn’t have any chest thickset to carry it up and her pores and skin is shedding elasticity. when folks have bulemia, their pores and skin begins to appear like its falling off (ie-courtney love, kate moss, lindsey lohan for lil during). plus, you may’t see it, however i garentee that her enamel are trying kinda dangerous b/c the abdomen acid eats at them on a regular basis a number of occasions.”

There are rumours she received liposuction and a corrective surgical procedure on her botched breast implants.

Tara Reid collapsed on an evening out for “unknown causes” which might be a sign of an consuming dysfunction.

There are rumors that a good friend near Tara says that she is following a really strict M,200 calorie-a-day weightloss plan mixed with ninety-minute cardio exercises on daily basis.

I’ll maintain you up to date on this when I discover out extra! I hope poor Tara isn’t affected by anorexia. Pressure from the media has already made so many younger stars anorexic and it’s unhappy 🙁

Perhaps we’ll see Tara entered into an consuming issues clinic within the close to future.

What do you consider her weight reduction?

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2 thoughts on “Is Tara Reid to Skinny?

  • john


    She will be skinny but she wont go to far as long as you are there to support her tell her she looks great and dont worry be a good friend.

  • BohoSweetheart


    Okay, well First of all how old is she? If she is a teenager like me there is sooo much pressure to be thin because of boys and fashion. If it becomes controlling and addictive and her only aim is to lose weight then Yes she will need some help. It isnt a good idea to diet when you are young because you are still developing and it messes your body up. Believe me I know. If she wants to lose weight then she should do it senibly and ask her parents or someone she trusts about it. Also as she is doing loads of sports then Her body is gonna become run down and she will not have enough energy. To be honest, the way she is going about it seem dangerous for her health.

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